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If you couldn't control what you said, how much trouble would you be in?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) March 31st, 2011

I was talking with my SO the other day, and almost said something that she might have taken great umbrage at. And I thought, “That was close, IDIOT!”

It made me wonder what would happen if I lost the ability to filter what came out of my mouth like sometimes happens to people with brain injuries.

How would your life change if everything – recollections, opinions, and desires – came out of your mouth every time they occurred to you?

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I woulda been kilt long since…

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@JilltheTooth Ah come on, what could come out of that mouth?

JilltheTooth's avatar

I have to clean the filters every night…I’ll check the contents and report back. Wear your HazMat suit! ;-)

TexasDude's avatar

I would be an even more intimidating future drill instructor :D

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Define trouble – people would hear more truth than they’d care to. Fuck their trouble.

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It would make for interesting times.

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I would be kickboxing people every waking hour…on my way to jail.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@lucillelucillelucille What we see is the filtered version? Holy shit. Now I’m scared.

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I have cared for an aunt that had brain damage. You really do not want to know the trouble you be in if your filter was gone.

Imagine if you will, a 2yr old with a sailor’s tongue. It isn’t pretty.

I pray it never happens to me, for the sake of my family.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yes! How much bail money do you thinkI have! XD

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@lucillelucillelucille You’d need a big assed line of credit with your bail bondsman.

aprilsimnel's avatar

I’d’ve been dead by age 7, frankly, had I not learned to hold my tongue.

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I would have been killed and then brought back to life to explain why I said what I said, and then killed again. Maybe even broght back to life again so I can clean the mess up.

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I think I’d have a lot of people upset with me/not speaking to me. I can be a fairly blunt person, but I do refrain from flat out telling people when I don’t like them or they irritate me. If I didn’t have a filter, all of that would come spilling out, along with a lot of rather scathing sarcasm. I don’t think it’d be too pleasant for anyone, really.

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I am in trouble now because I have trouble controlling what I say.

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I probably would be in a lot of trouble with my family, friends, and co-workers. The words that come out of my mouth can be lovely sometimes and mean sometimes. Sometimes I can be very honest with people and that can hurt peoples feelings. I try to control my mouth most of the times, sometimes I will fail.

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Oh man, I would be so hated if I didn’t control my inner bitch. I have a hard enough time keeping her under wraps – I really don’t want to think about what it’d be like if she were to take over!

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Some people would love me less. Some people would love more. Mostly, though, I think people would just be even more amused by me.

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@KatawaGrey : Being 10 ft tall and blue means a lot of people would be too intimidated to be anything but respectful to you. ~

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I have to work extra hard because I wasn’t gifted with a full set of filters.

My dad used to always say to me: “Diarrhea of the brain causes run of the mouth” to shut me down as a kid.

As an adult I have co-workers who love lunching with me (for the laughs) because they enjoy laughing at my embarrassing stories and find it funny when I speak my mind.

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I never thought of the positive aspect of this “affliction”. Lots of people would hear positive things as well…

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I would be dead by now.

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I wonder if those who already love us might be able to accommodate the change. I can’t imagine there are TOO many people who don’t have thoughts they want to keep to themselves. But if you behave more less well, then can the thoughts be forgiven?

I think in some situations, it might be a relief to know exactly what they think. Maybe we’d respond, “Not as bad as I imagined.”

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No trouble. am not the talkative type.

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I don’t control it and 99% of what we consider “trouble” is defined by whether or not we “care”.

I don’t.

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dead or comatose ten years ago

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Hmmm… well, I’d probably be in a ton of trouble by now if I couldn’t filter what I say.

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Hmm,I wouldn’t be in trouble but people would start avoiding me by thinking/saying I was too harsh or blunt in what I say.

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I’m pretty sure my health insurance would have dropped me by now as the medical bills would be astronomical! ;)

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Unemployed, divorced and facing life as a lonely old cat/dog lady.

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God only knows! I can control what I say and I still stay in trouble.

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Not much more than I usually am. Then again, I never really had a great filter so I have a bit less control over what I say than most people anyways.

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If I truly could not stop my comments and opinions from popping out, I would have to exert strict control over where I went and whom I spoke to.

I fondly imagine that this would be because my quirky and irreverent views would be safe to express among only a select few.

But the reality would probably be something altogether different. What could possibly be more boring than having to listen to someone’s every thought and endure a nonstop recital of the trivia of someone’s consciousness? Only my very nearest and dearest, and maybe not all of those, would be able to put up with hearing the dreariest bits of my internal monologue given voice. Before too long even they would be thinking of putting arsenic in my soup.

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@Jeruba You’re right. Content and volume are separate issues. My question was intended really to think about the occasional unintentional reveal. But the idea of an endless stream of unrelated and ill-conceived ideas is much worse to contemplate. Might as well put on Fox and break the remote.

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@Jeruba it would kind of be like listening to someone on Twitter, lol!

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Probably, nobody would really want to hang out with me.

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