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Among the people closest to you, what do you really want to know that you haven't found out yet?

Asked by essieness (7693points) June 1st, 2009

I’ll start:

I really want to know the real reason my birth father decided to give up not one me, but two daughters my little half sister 6 years apart.

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I’m lucky to have learned all the good, bad and ugly about those closest to me, it’s freed us all up to go forward with a great feeling of trust, focus and solid sense of where we stand with one another, less spinning of wheels.

I do understand where you’re at though and I hope you find someone to answer that question for you. People have this drive to share only positive information, or angrily deny and restrict the past which I personally think is unfair.

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I would love to know how my Dad managed to be everywhere he needed to be. The man ran a corporation, golfed all the time, was at every one of his kids events, made it home for dinner most nights, and took frequent vacations – all with a huge smile and a great attitude. I have far less obligations than he did, and I can barely fit everything in. And when I do fit it all in, often I’m forcing the smile.

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I want to know if one of my best friends is gay. I have no idea what his sexuality is and all I know is that I absolutely love him. I just want to know; I can assume he’s straight, but I don’t know that officially. Nothing has given it away in either direction so far. And sure, there’s a bunch more I want to know about him and other friends. I’ve never seen him cry or get angry, obviously he does, I’ve just never seen it. But I don’t need to know any of that, I’m just curious as all.

I don’t think there’s really anything about my immediate family members that I don’t know; they’ve told me everything.

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There are three things I’d like to know..

#1. Why did my mom abuse me, and none of my siblings. And why did she take the abuse to a-whole-nother level. Why the prescription drugs I was forced to take? Why cause me to not graduate? Why the brutal abuse? Why me?

#2. I want to know what exactly it is my boyfriend sees in me.

And last, is well kind of the same as the asker’s. I want to know why my biological father hasn’t ever tried to contact me, now that I’m no longer in the care of my mother, whom he hates.

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What are you truly afraid of? A lot can be learned from what terrifies someone the most.

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At this late date (I am 65) almost nothing.

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I want to know what my parents did when they were my age, just for comparisons sake.

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I want to know if my parents were ever in love, before the marriage, and the fights, and the divorce.

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My paternal grandfather was raised by his mother and a man that was not his biological father. My grandparents would never tell us about his birth father and treated it as a terrible secret that was not to be asked about. They both went to their graves never telling any of us who his father was. I am lucky to have a lot of information about my mother’s family and grandmother’s dating back to the early 1700s but I have always been curious where my grandfather came from.

I feel silly to complain about it because my husband was adopted and he has no information at all concerning his biological parents. I would still love to know though.

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I really want to know what makes my parents so quick to anger. I’d bet there’s some interesting stories…

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My parents were raised under terrible conditions. My mom was abandoned by her father, following her mother’s death in childbirth when my mom was born. She was then passed from family to family, during the depression. My dad had an abusive alcoholic father who avoided work, church, and following the law.
These two people married very young (18 and 16), and became model parents.
I would love to know how they did that.

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I’m so far along in life now that I don’t think there are any secrets left in the family that I haven’t found out about. I would sincerely hope that if there is something hidden or secret still out there that my remaining family members would have the piece of mind and integrity to open up to me about them. We’ve always been close and very honest with each other so I don’t really worry about it for the most part.

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I would love to understand why my mother gave up on me at such a young age and basically told me to screw off i was on my own from 15 on. I want to know why she could give up on me being her kid but not her other daughter and son who are younger then me.

That would explain alot.

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I always want to know the harsh thoughts behind smiling words – tell me what your really thinking!!

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I just want to know what my friends REALLY think of me.

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@Resonantscythe, me too. Although I would be scared of the responses but at least you’d know who was false

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@saraaaaaa My friends tend to agree that I am mildly insane. But i want to know what they think of me due to that. One friends said once in junior high after i snuck up to him and said “kill (his name)” which made him jump and yell in fright that “i got scared because (my name) might actually do it. Course, i like to think I’ve calmed down considerably since then.

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@Resonantscythe There is nothing wrong with a little mild insanity, in fact I think I’d prefer it. The only thing that would scare me is that I have spent so much time sifting through those false people in my life that I don’t want to find out I was wrong.
At the end of the day everyone will have something they dislike about you or some behaviour or habit you have but it doesn’t mean they don’t like so much else about you. Knowing what they don’t like means your friendship could become distorted for something thats not worth it.

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Why does this person feel the world revolves around her..why is she always..always the victim

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@saraaaaaa Oh I enjoy it, keeps me from getting depressed and makes lots of things more fun. I just…worry I guess that maybe it’ll start driving people away.

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@Resonantscythe well to be a little cliche, you won’t drive those that are worth it away. I have friends that are a little on the strange side in all ways but I love them for their quirks. As you said, much more fun :)

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I heard a rumor from a family member that my father set aside almost $5000 in a savings account for me when I was younger to have when I turned 18. The story is that my mom spent all of it and kept the entire thing a secret and in the mean time, she painted a horrible picture of my dad, claiming he never paid child support and he was a deadbeat. I have yet to confront her about this beacuse of the damage I think it could cause between her and I. But it’s something I’ve been wondering for months.

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