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What's your thoughts on Flower Girl's reggae version of Elton John on Idol last night?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) March 31st, 2011

How’d you like or dislike her version?

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Hope she saved time and packed last night ‘cause she’s going home tonight. Her and Stephano (or however you spell that name).

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You know what, I hate to say this, but it really wasn’t terrible. Yet, she is still a horrible singer and needs to leave tonight.

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I didn’t mind the arrangement unlike the judges. I thought her singing was pretty good. But what made me wince was when she spoke using island dialect for her introduction. I thought that was where Randy thought it was cheesy, and I agreed.

I hope Thia goes home, but it could be Naima.

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I wasn’t crazy about that particular performance, but I do like how she puts different spins on the songs, and I like Naima and I hope she doesn’t go home tonight. But I don’t know who I’d send home in her place, they’re pretty much all really good!

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I just saw Fantasias butchering of that song. I remember her audition, and if I were judge never would have sent her to Hollywood. Has to be the worst Idol EVER. Man, I hated that season. Amy Adams should have won. I’d buy tickets to a William Hung concert where he sings “She Bangs” for 18 hours straight than listen to 18 seconds of Fantasia’s squealing. Oooops, sorry…. way off topic here, but was just watching the show…...”

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Well, last night put a period on this discussion. At least Thea got booted off too.

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@12Oaks I agree with you about Fantasia.

@marinelife Yup, that was perfect. I would have chosen the same two to go home last night. Luckily Paul didn’t go home, he’s still got something up his sleeve.

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Spoiler alert… someone needs to put spoiler alert on these treads. Our coverage lags behind yours…. shit.

But I agree with the judges decision. I liked Niama, but she was a bit hit and miss. I think, given her niche she could do really well.

Thia reminded me of those annoying little girls from Disney and when she did the Poccohontas song, I nearly barfed.

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@cazzie Sorry, I forget the time zone differences are so major. I’ll try to think globally more often.

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