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What to get, Blackberry Bold or Storm?

Asked by kb12345 (432points) March 31st, 2011

I currently have the older Blackberry Curve. I have had this phone for about two years and it has been great to me, I love it. It is just getting a little too old now I think. I really LOVE the look and feel of the Storm (all touch screen). I read many reviews on Verizion and it was basically all negative things. I am not getting this phone to compose Powerpoints, or charts, simply because I like Blackberry and just want a new phone. I only consider the Bold because it seems like it works better (Verizion reviews). I just want whatever phone I do get for texting, BBMing, phone calls, internet. Any input/ experience with the new/ recent versions of either the Bold/Storm?

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I have had the Bold before. I think the main difference is do you want a touch screen or a traditional keyboard.

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I had the Bold. I would not recommend the Storm. It has many problems with it. Now, I have a touchscreen phone (Thunderbolt on Verizon) and it’s great – it’s not the touchscreen that is the problem with the Storm, it’s the hardware and stability issues.

If you want to stick with a Blackberry product, I recommend the Bold.

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Just dropped by to say I never had a Blackberry but planning to get one soon, so thanks for this question. Just could not get interested with the Iphone since I have an apple laptop and iPad and just tired of looking at the same apple icons.

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I hated the storm… Tour is the best, bold is better than storm!

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Bold > Tour > Storm.

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