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Any reviews on the Blackberry Storm?

Asked by Judi (40025points) January 22nd, 2009

I know you are all iPhone people but I have issues with AT&T and I won’t do business with them on principal. How does the Storm compare? Should I just wait until Verizon gets a “next generation” Storm? Will Apple ever make a product for Verizon?

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the storm is sooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooow

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actually, Apple is said to release an iphone for verizon in late 2009.

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Then I’ll wait until the end of the year. Thanks!!

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I am, though verizon my contract could be renewed last year. if they dont release the iphone, i’m switching… its just so… nice.

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If you really want a Blackberry, I suggest the Bold or the Curve.

Like @toomuchcoffee911 said, the Storm is soo-o-o-o-o slow. And it has gotten some truly dismal reviews across the board. Even David Pogue of the New York Times, who’s quite possibly the nicest technology analyst on the planet, called it the Blackberry Dud.

Usually with powerful devices, most fixes to problems are just a software upgrade away. My personal opinion is that the Storm is more broken than that, though. I don’t believe it has the horsepower to do the job required of it.

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Oh, and I wouldn’t wait for an official Verizon-network iPhone. Apple signed a 5-year exclusive deal with AT&T when it first rolled out the iPhone.

That Verizon deal is just a baseless rumor.

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AW man! My husband is really trying to convince me to get an iPhone but At&T has pissed me off 2 to many times. I guess I’ll just keep my Razr for now and pout.

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However, in that read link, the news article says that contract through 2012 was inconsistent because the same reporter wrote that att and apple got an extension on that contract through 2010. ...kinda wishy-washy. Lawyered. =)

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There may be hope for me yet?

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No, not for 2009. And likely not until 2012.

Unless Apple releases a next-generation product by a different name (that is, not called an “iPhone”).

Even that exception is just speculation, though.

Remember how absolutely unique and unusual the iPhone is in the mobile phone market:
– Apple sells it in their own stores and online.
– Buyers could originally activate the iPhone in their own home, not in store (3G changed that).
– AT&T pays Apple hundreds of dollars for each iPhone activated on their network with 2 year contract (that is, all of them in the U.S.).

Never had so much leeway (nor money, let alone power) been given to a vendor before. Of course Apple entered into an exclusive deal. AT&T had to win something in exchange. It was a big risk back then.

Finally, there’s really little incentive for Apple to look for an out from the AT&T exclusive deal. It’s not like they’re having problems moving product out the door. Plus, whatever deal they do eventually strike with other service providers will likely not include such generous kickbacks as they enjoy with AT&T. Already we’re seeing evidence of that in other countries.

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I have the storm with the latest leaked operating system running on it…it is soooo much better now. Dont get me wrong i love apple products including the iphone but i could NEVER give up verizon for at&t. It would be like trading in a Porsche for a Mazda. @ least for me where i live in ny. Ive travelled all over and never had a problem with them.

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Leaked operating system? does that mean that they are coming out with a better operating system?

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Well they started with .65 then it has already been officially updated to .75. In the meantime RIM has people going around with OS that they are testing out. Sometimes 1 of the testers will “leak” an “unofficial” OS. I’m currently running .99 and its made such a difference. The best part is that it still will get better. Blackberries are VERY addicting. A really good site to check out is

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“The BlackBerry Storm — the first BlackBerry without a physical keyboard — was supposed to be RIM’s sleek answer to Apple’s iPhone. But for members and staffers accustomed to thumbing their way through the day, this isn’t just the imperfect Storm,” Libit reports. “It’s the devil in 5.5 ounces.”

‘It’s not easy to send e-mails on that thing. It is not a good touch screen, and it’s not like the iPhone, where there are so many other great features to it,’ said Rodell Mollineau, communications staff director for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).”

“Jeff Ventura, spokesman for the House chief administrative officer, said many Hill customers have returned the Storm after trying it. While his office tries to remain an impartial broker of technology, Ventura offered a measured — but unmistakable — CAO beat-down: ‘The Storm device is not ideal for certain users and has presented some valid functional challenges.’”

“Brian Walsh, communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said a number of NRSC staffers gave the BlackBerry Storm a shot, but only one or two have stuck with it. Walsh bailed out quickly.”

love that “devil in 5.5 ounces” bit… writing that one down.

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My hubby “surprised” me with an iPhone the other day. I hate AT&T so it was sort of a mixed blessing. It is a lot of fun, but what am I supposed to do with my contract on this Verizon Razr?? I was hoping Verizon would come up with a better system before it came to this.

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When Apple initially announced the iPhone, they estimated/bragged they were about 5 years ahead of the competition.

It’s been just over two years since Apple made that statement. I don’t know that it’ll take the competition the full 5 years to catch up to where Apple was back in January 2007… but I suspect that in January 2012, we might see competitive products going toe-to-toe with Apple’s state of the art at that time.

OTOH, history doesn’t really bear that kind of optimism out.

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I give the Storm an “Honorable Mention”. They tried as hard as they could to be an iPhone competitor but they only succeeded making an iPhone one-off.

It doesn’t suck, and if AT&T’s coverage is an issue in your area, then the Storm is an ok way to go. If the iPhone was available with Verizon service, the Storm would go away.

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I actually have a storm and it works okay for me… but I am very forgiving. Going from the Curve to the Storm required a bit of patience and there was a bit of a learning curve. Not the worst phone, but there are some issues with the device slowing down, the screen not flipping from portrait to landscape, etc.

Personally, if you end up returning the iPhone and sticking with Verizon, I would wait until the Storm 2 comes out… hopefully RIM has learned enough during this time and worked out the bugs.

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