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Did you create your own language? How far did you get?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12681points) March 31st, 2011

Many people, at some time or another, want to make their own language. Since I doen’t know how else to format the questions that I have, I will just list them off.

Have you ever tried to create your own language?
Why/Why not?
Did you succeed?
How complex/complete was it?
Do you ever still use it?
What sort of grammer did it have? (describe)

For me, my answer would be:
1 yes
2 I thought it would be fun
3 no
4 not very, I only started working on the grammer
5 no
6 It had OSV sentence format, and it conjugated nouns as well as verbs
I hope you will have more to say than I did.

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I invented Pig Latin. ou’reyay elcomeway It kind caught on but was never the big money maker I had hoped it would be.

how do you charge for use of a language?

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Happened organically.
Happened organically.
I use it all the time. Many are convinced it’s a real established language but can’t figure out which.
I just started using new words to replace English words. Over time, a new language occured. I’d tell you what it’s called, but my language has no spelling, just sounds.

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I memorized a text language out of a book that isn’t very well known, and sometimes I accidentaly write it instead of english without realising it.

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I wish! I created my own alphabet with a friend when I was in middle school, but it’s just a direct translation of the English alphabet. It looks somewhat like Arabic. I still write in it sometimes when I want to keep things secret.

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1) I’m “in the process of it”. I’ve been saying that for years, but it’s because I’ve put it off largely until I complete more linguistics classes at college because every new class gives me new ideas and perspectives. I still have some basic structure of it done, however.
2) Why? Because languages are my thing. I’ve been interested in them ever since I listened to Carmina Burana when I was 10 and discovered the wonders of Latin. I’m a linguistics major now in college; it’s my passion.
3) It’s not done, but I will succeed!
4) I’ve come up with the alphabet and pronunciation, many declension and conjugation suffixes, some basic words, but that’s about it.
5) Can’t until it’s complete, but I’ve used words from it in a fantasy story I started (and also haven’t finished!)
6) SOV basic constituent order (but it’s variable because it’s highly inflected), 6 noun declensions, 5 verb conjugations, 8 noun cases, 6 verb moods, 3 genders, no articles (though I’m still torn about that!), degree prefixes for verbs of feeling, etc.

Basically the goal is to create an interesting language that can express anything. No loanwords unless they are proper nouns, few irregularities, a pleasant sound, it’s a work in progress :)

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I did create it [ sorta ] but it was used by others mainly. Why i’m saying this ? Because engrish or Tarzan [ how me and my friends used to call it ] was used a lot by people and they didn’t even knew they were using it ^^

As for rules / grammar / words… well .. everything goes.

Mi iz no happeh wit dem rules. ^^

You should see how well this sounds.

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Apparently as a very young child (just learning to speak) I used to invent my own words for things. It wasn’t a structured language as such, just vocabulary substitution. I don’t actually remember any of it but I remember my mother telling me about it later.

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I speak the language of lurve….....& yes, I go all the way…!

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Neggo, beggut egga feggew freggiends eggand eggI eggused teggo speggeak eggeggeggy-peggeggeggy eggat scheggool eggin eggan eggatteggempt teggo ceggonfegguse thegge teggeacheggers. Eggit deggidn’t weggork, eggas thegge teggeacheggers kneggew eggit eggalreggeadeggy. Begguggegger!

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I’m trying to figure out how American English might sound in 84,000 years.

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