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What was your first live concert/show?

Asked by mcbealer (10229points) April 18th, 2008 from iPhone

Also, how old were you and where did you see it?

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Mine was U2’s Joshua Tree tour at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL.

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Switchfoot in Boise ID

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Blue man group in chicago.

6th grade.

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It was the Red Hot Chili Peppers at a skateboard contest called the Vision Skate Escape.
I can’t believe I found the actual concert on YouTube. I’m glad you posted this.
I think I was nine.

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oops I forgot, I was in the 11th grade

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oops, I was in 10th grade.

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Herrey’s…....and now I’m having 80’s and eurovision flashbacks!!

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I saw New Kids on the Block in Tampa Fl. I was around 10, in 1990

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KISS and Aerosmith in the 5th grade. Couldn’t pick a better first concert, because I love them both. They were at the Jones Beach Ampitheater which, in my opinion, is one of the coolest venues in NY, second only to maybe The Garden.

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The taping of the Midnight Special and the band was ELO or Electric Light Orchesttra, Lets see, in 1973 or 74…

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weezer ‘s blue album at the Summer stage in central park, nyc. Still my favorite show ever. oh, weezer… What happened to you guys? ;(

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Rush – Moving Pictures Tour – 1981
@ The Spectrum in Philadelphia

I was 15 and we sat 4th row center, best seats I ever had and an amazing concert experience.

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I don’t want to get off topic, but the best concert I’ve ever been to was Van Halen at Nasau Collesium. It was very recent (January) and David Lee Roth was singing. They sounded aweseome for a band who’s been around since the late 70s. What was even cooler is that Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang played bass because Mark Anthony left.

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Rick Springfield…. I was thirteen and in Iove!

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Pink Floyd – The Division Bell Tour 1994 I was 14, and I went with my dad. He freakin’ rocks!

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teenage mutant ninja turtles – the coming out of our shells tour. I had to gave been 3 or 4 back in that summer of 1990. Best live musical experience I had for many years.

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Santana, Tower of Power opened. José Feliciano was the second act.
The Forum Inglewood, CA
1970 or ‘71 (?)
11th grade
Great show, José was called back three times till he did Light My Fire. Santana had two encores, then José came out with Santana and they played Black Magic Woman. By this time Tower of Power got into the act as the horn section showed up for an impromptu jam. The house lights came on to signal the curfew for the arena. That didn’t stop ‘em as they all played on for another 15 -20 minutes.
Great show…
Great memory….

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Blink 182 and Bad Religion in North Jersey, I think I was 12. Wow, that was 9 years ago…Time flies

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Wayne Newton State fair with my Family.

That dude can played the violin, piano, banjo, guitar, bass, drums, slide guitar, trombone trumpet and sax.

I remember when a plane flew overhead and made a lot of noise he said “someone find out if he has a ticket”.

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Fiddler on the Roof, in New York, with Zero Mostel, Maria Karnilova, Austin Pendleton,,
Fall 1963 or 1964.


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Lollapalooza 97 in Nashville. I was 15. i saw Tool, Snoop Dogg, then Prodigy

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three doors down, I was seven, and it was at the hard rock cafe in Florida

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thanks for all the replies thus far…

@ mzgator ~ I saw Rick perform Jessie’s Girl on TV a few weeks ago, did you catch it?
I couldn’t believe how how hot he still is!

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@mcbealer: yes he still is hot. I met him a few years back. He was very nice.

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Jackson Browne(who i am named after) i was around 7 i remember my parents had got a limo to take us to the concert since it was my first one and we had really good seats. When we got their my dad bribed one of the people working there to let me sit right up in front of the stage. Awesome show.

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@Uber- damn…Is your dad a mobster?

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@peedub honestly i dont know. Me and my sister think hes a bookie.He sells tickets that he always gets really cheap and knows everybody

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No way, I bet he’s got stacks of photos with him and random celebrities.

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Y&T in Santa Clara, CA in the 7th grade. 1982 I think.

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my first was metallica when I was really young, like 9 or 10, but my favorite was probably Stabbing Westward at the boat house in Norfolk Virginia, that is no longer in excistance lol

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Either the Harmonocats, five or six guys who played variety of amazing harmonicas, or Vaughn Monroe…or Gene Autry. All appeared in Dayton Ohio around 1949. My parents took me to all of them. Weren’t they just the coolest?

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