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Was the intro to this song taken from a conversation in a movie?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7420points) March 22nd, 2010

I have been listening to this song, and this thought always crosses my mind each time I listen to it.

I’ve always had this instinct that it had to be from some older movie, or maybe a play, or something of the sort… but I just don’t know.

Here is a link to listen to the song. It’s the introduction, and various parts through the song, they’ll speak, as if they are lines from a movie.

The song is Stars “International Rockstar”

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I believe that entire song is based on The Collector. Here’s part 1.

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sweeeet, I knew it! I just kept searching for it in the wrong places.

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I like the tune. Thanks.

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No problem, I found it a few years back. It was apart if this iTunes gift card with the lala palooza soundtrack.

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