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I'm extremely irritable. What gives?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) April 2nd, 2011

I don’t get it! Everything is looking up (two potential jobs coming up, been eating well, walking tons, enjoying beautiful, sunny weather, haven’t had a drink in almost 2 weeks…) but I’m feeling like crap.

I suppose it could be hormonal (but it shouldn’t be)? But I don’t want to feel like this. How can I get over it? It’s been a few days now… no amount of walking, or eating well, or playing in the sun is helping. Suggestions? Please?!

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Have you gotten laid lately? I’m not offering haha

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Have you tried meditation? I use guided meditation. I sit quietly with my eyes closed and imagine myself relaxing and then walking to a door. When I open the door, I’m in my happy place. It’s got a stream, a bridge, and a beach. It’s always sunny and peaceful.

Give it a shot. You can make your own happy place in any way you want.

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On a more serious note, go to your bedroom and make sure it is as dark as can be and listen to this album if you know how to internet you’ll find a copy, hell these guys set fire to £1,000,000 in cash once and called it art so I wouldn’t feel too guilty stealing their music, which a lot of they also stole in the first place

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Maybe it’s because you haven’t had a drink in two weeks. Maybe it’s withdrawl irritability.

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Sweetie, you have been through a whole lot of stress lately and probably still are on account of your mother. Have you been going to Al-Anon meetings? One of the things I hear there as part of the script is that without help, living with an alcoholic is too much for most of us, and we become irritable and unreasonable without knowing it. (You don’t have to be under the same roof to experience this.)

Trying to control the uncontrollable does make people a little crazy.

And if things happen to be going well with her, so that you can relax a little—well, in my case I know that I often experience something I call “post-project slump” when I reach the end of some sort of big push. Just when it seems as if I should feel better because it’s over, I seem to cave in and things come crashing down on me. That’s because I’ve been fighting so hard to maintain, and when I can ease off the struggle a little, here comes everything I’ve been fending off. This happens, and it passes. For me, three days is usually the magic number.

Go easy on yourself. Your feelings are your feelings. Focus on the things you can do something about, and make a plan and follow it. Let the rest go.

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It sounds like you’re really busy, so maybe you need some quiet time to meditate like @hawaii_jake says.

there could also be environmental issues going on, or someone is irritating you, but you have yet to acknowlege it.

Try this Meditation.
Think of your question; what in my life is irritating me? Take several 8-count breaths. In your mind see a long strong cord made of white light starting at the top of your head, going straight down through the base of your spine and attached to the core of the earth. this will help keep you centered and grounded. You are in a beautiful place of your own design. Preferably somewhere with moving water. I like to find myself in a rainforest with a trickling waterfall, or at the beach but it could be anywhere. take as long as you want to, listening to the sounds, and smelling the smells, of this place. what does the air feel like? You are sitting enjoying the beauty and comfort that is around you. in the distance you see a figure coming towards you. It does not necessarily have to be a person, but you feel it must be someone you know. As this person gets closer you begin to make out their features. Soon this being or person comes into clarity. This person will be your guide for the rest of the meditation. greet them in what ever way feels most comfortable and joyful. Have a conversation with this person. Ask them your question; what is it that is irritating me? be receptive to your guide’s answer. feel free to converse as long as you need to . when you feel it is time to say goodbye, remember to thank your guide for their wisdom. when you are ready, start to become aware of your actual setting. when you are ready open your eyes.

I see meditation as a powerful psychological tool, and it’s fun and relaxing too :) good luck.

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First things first make sure you’re not dehydrated. Most of us are. With the good currents you describe a sense of irritability could come from something as simple as the pervasive discomfort of salt imbalances and handicapping the blood’s capacity to transport oxygen and nutrients and waste properly.
SamIAm I think you have the psychological parts lined up ready to be happy and enjoy things. I like guided meditations but I think they will delay what you need to do. Irritation and anger are interpretations of pain. find your pain, what is it. sit with that, meditate on that and see what’s to be done about it. You will feel relief when you resolve what is hurting and more when you figure out why it’s hurting. That is good and essential. Don’t mistake the relief for a solution keep up the good work and use the space that relief gives you to examine what can change to fix the pain maker.
Ref having a drinkie drink, your mention doesn’t sound like you had been abusive and suddenly changed habits and my sense is you aren’t in withdrawal. I always recommend cultivating vices in moderation. Admitting you have vices is humbling and half of what you need to keep something like that under control.
Ref getting laid, moderation there too, including solo surrogates. It’s a workout for the nervous system which can get enervated by too much fun of all kinds.

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I hope I don’t offend you but you sound like your bored, theres only so much eating and walking you can do, and the weather won’t always be on your side, why don’t you start a new hobby like painting, reading or even take up an instrument. Motivate yourself. :)

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@davduggan & @dabbler: Both great answers. Thank you!!

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I just read an article that said some people react to food they are allergic to with irritability. Maybe you’ve been eating a lot of the same thing?

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@faye: do you know where you read that article? My diet has changed so I wonder if it’s something I’m eating… good point!

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@cliofaye PM’s are personal messages you can send to other jellies through their profile page.

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lol i know what PM’s are

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@queenie I think @cliofaye was referring to PMS. Premenstrual Syndrome.

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@chyna thank you,that was what I was referring to.

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@cliofaye Oops, sorry lol

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