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Cat is weak, can I give her sugar water?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) April 2nd, 2011

Cat’s been losing weight for a couple months. Vet did blood test and she has low B12 so they gave her a shot today and IV fluids. Came home and pooped on herself so wife gave her bath. She got really cold and weak and is now wrapped in warm towels. She threw up. Should we give her sugar water?

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This sounds too serious to ask a Q & A site. Does your vet have an emergency off-hours phone? I would call now and ask. It is still before bedtime so not too intrusive.

The vet hydrated her with unsweetened water, remember.

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Please call the vet and ask what to do.

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don’t delay calling.

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Most areas have an Emergency Veterinary Hospital.

Check your Yellow pages for Veterinary Hospitals with 24 hour service.

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I agree, go to the vet or a different vet if the first one isn’t helping. Your cat is obviously very sick. Trust your instincts. I went to one vet with my much beloved but aged cat and the vet couldn’t find anything wrong. I kept saying I thought he had vision problems but the vet had no idea. Eventually after hundreds of dollars he said, “go to this specialist cat vet” and it turned out he had kidney disease. Not unheard of in cats and why did it take weeks to give us a referral. So, please trust your instincts and your knowledge of your cat and get a second opinion if necessary. Hope your cat is fine.

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She needs urgent medical attention or you may loose her.
Take her to your local Vet ER. The great thing about ERs is that there are many veterinarians on staff. They’ll be able to give your cat the best treatment available.

Sugar water is not advisable. It sounds as though she needs SQ fluids stat. they’ll put IV fluids under her skin

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cat’s don’t eat sugar. emergency vet attention is what she needs.

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Please post an update.

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Thanks for all the advice. We gave her warm water bottles and put her in a basket and she
perked up the next day. Almost lost her in a storm today. Tomorrow get pancreatic enzyme tests back.

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@pallen123 <fingers crossed> I hope the results are good. Thank you for the update!

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Cats don’t metabolize sugar well, it is not good for them, they also can’t taste it, so won’t enjoy it either.

Sugar free, flavor free,(they won’t appreciate most human flavors) pedialyte is good for a dehydrated cat or dog, or one that has recently vomited. Though in emergencies of course you probably want the saline injected under the skin since it takes time to go through the system and cat might vomit again before it can.

Similarly, for b12, you can give nutritional yeast. Cats can make their own b12 but older weaker cats might not produce enough. And emergencies you want a b12 shot or something if needed.

So yeah, bring the cat to the vet (obviously already over with considering how old this is) And beware vets insistent that your pet need die, too much experience with pets giving bad prognoses and wanting to kill my cats unnecessarily. One cat had distemper, one emergency call for like a grand or what ever latter where I have to meet the vet with a cab outside the clinic and stand in the parking lot as the vet boldly proclaims that they never survive distemper. I had to insist on the saline under the skin treatment. 15 years latter, she is still alive. (and survived a second vet wanting to kill her too)

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