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What do you consider stimulating conversation?

Asked by chelle21689 (6987points) April 3rd, 2011

It doesn’t have to be about politics, war, or history. It can be about anything really. I guess to me a stimulating conversation would be something that would make your mind ponder.

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I like to talk to the person I am talking to. I know that makes no sense on the surface, but allow me to explain.

If I am talking to you, I want to talk to YOU. Please don’t qualify yourself by stating what your educational background is (I went to Berkeley so I automatically know more about everything than you) if it has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Getting a degree in Sociology at Berkeley hardly means your opinion about who the better baseball team is somehow more relevant than the guy who works at a factory doing real work for a living. Also, please don’t use citation. Don’t say “Edison said…..” If I were interested in what Edison had to say, I’d read a biography and not talk to you. Tell me your opinion and thoughts, not those of someone else. These really weaken an arguement, in my opinion.

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I like talking about social networks, how technology is changing how people learn in an adverse manner, internet privacy issues, books, solar flares, art, ancient aliens, travel, gardening, animal behavior, the weather, earthquakes, new bands, old houses, the Ohio River, street photography…any number of things. I don’t like to talk about politics, religion, sex, celebrities, or television shows.

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I like talking about philosophical stuff…I am a very curious person. I like to wonder “why this happens” or “what could happen”

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I don’t do politics AT ALL! lol

My idea of stimulating conversation surrounds an appreciation and interest in the natural world, the sciences, idea sharing, creativity sharing, humorous babbling, and enjoying myself with a funny, articulate, thoughtful, intelligent comrade.

Hard to come by. lol

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I’m always stimulated by women discussing what turns them on or what turns me on.

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Anything that isn’t discussing the meaning of life is mundane boring conversation that only simpletons speak of.~

In all seriousness, discussing things that I am interested in is stimulating conversation (who would’ve guessed that…) Most people I know don’t care too much about linguistics, but every now and then I’ll meet someone who does and discussing it with them is incredibly interesting. I also love talking about geography, travel, religion, and of course I love philosophical topics. But I find even topics I am not passionate about can lead to stimulating conversation under certain circumstances.

If I’m actually sharing my thoughts, if I’m telling stories or feelings rather than just nodding and giving one word or one line answers, then that’s a stimulating conversation for me, whether it’s about “the meaning of life” or about what happened last weekend.

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Video games and movies, mostly. Especially spontaneous conversations that brings people together through similar tastes and experiences. Otherwise, I’m not a deep person.

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Dominic, I agree!! You seem like you like a lot of the same topics I like to talk about. I love philosophical topics.

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Almost any topic can be used for stimulating conversation. I can enjoy a conversation about baseball just as much as one about the quantum world. The magic of communication happens when the person I’m talking to is just as engaged in the discussion as I am. To be stimulating, it simply has to be interesting, truthful, and open-minded.

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LoL, I like discussions like the quantum world but honestly…I don’t know too much about that kind of stuff…so in these situations I like to listen, learn, and ask questions rather than give input.

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I like when people tell me their family histories, few people are uninteresting to me.

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But they can make themselves uninteresting..hehe

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Lots of the questions on Fluther represent stimulating conversations. That’s why I keep coming back.

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Stimulating conversation to me is just conversation with someone who is willing to listen to other’s ideas and share there own thoughts on any topic, but not in a rude way.It doesn’t even have to be something I know about, I’ll sit and listen and try to put in my input on things once I get an understanding of what a person is talking about. I also like it when one conversation gets someone thinking about something related and in the end you have a completely different conversation. I find fluther to have many stimulating conversations.

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Marinelife I agree

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I think it helps when the conversation is humorous and witty.
This is an extension of provoking me to look at things in different ways.
Passionate is helpful; as is a depth of knowledge about the subject they are talking about.
I think give and take is very important; and the ability to riff off each other’s comments.

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A stimulating conversation for me is when I can actually connect with the person I’m talking to. The conversation has to make me think, it has to have purpose.

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A stimulating conversation to me is when there is an exchange of creative ideas.

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Informed political discussions are nice as are conversations about music and movies.

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@chelle21689 – it’s a term from jazz, where improvisers build upon / play off someone’s musical proposal. =)

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Haha, I had to google it and I saw it had to do something with Jazz

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Chattin bout Nascar an boobies.

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I love conversations that can flow from local politics and the weather to Roman and Greek history then to educational reform and back to the Romans with a side conversation on corporal punishment…and on and on.

My record for a continuous conversation is 10 hours…I lost my voice and made a best friend.

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It was nice. Too bad it doesn’t happen often.

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I mean if there is any stimulation to our conversation for me, it’s when he asks me questions that make me think or bring up a topic versus him giving his perspective and opinion. So in a way there is SOME stimulation but not that much

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