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What is the difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist (sp?)?

Asked by ava (982points) May 25th, 2007
Just wondering. I've noticed that older Jewish ladies are always going to see the chiropodist (sp?), and everyone else seems to see a podiatrist.
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In the US, chiropodist is an outmoded word; podiatrist is the correct moniker for foot Dr.; licensed and allowed to cut off unsightly things (on feet, at least.)Yentas probably still use chiropodists, altho my Jewish mother, at 92.5, calls them podiatrists. Maybe she is not old enough.
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Aha! My grandma always went to the Chiropodist. Does that mean she was actually seeing a podiatrist or that he was called a chiropodist because he wasn't licensed to to cut off unsightly things from the feet?
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If she is still alive, ask her (or yr mom). Chir. could shave off corns and calluses and cut nails, I think, but nothing more invasive. Not that I have ever been to either...and I am sure that the licensing laws have changed over the last 60 or so years.

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