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Help with high arches (feet): Do you have them, did cushioned shoes help?

Asked by jlelandg (3536points) November 15th, 2010

I’ve been dealing with them for about 4 years off and on now. I just found this out earlier this year. I’ve now explored cushioned shoes for people with my (I like to call it because I hate that I have it, and want to make fun of my bastard feet) deformity. Anyone else ever had this problem, and did the special made shoes help? (FYI: I had orthotics, but they were issued in China and wore out in about 4 months, going for more in Hong Kong in January)

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I’m struggling with problem feet and have had two sets of orthotics moulded for me and they’ve both have ‘errors’ so have been sent back. I’ve not found anywhere that makes special shoes for the likes of us dodgy feet people but I’m hoping the orthotics will work if they ever finally get them right!!! Hope you find a solution soon!! x Oh in the meantime I’m just wearing cushioned insoles too which seems to help a little but I’m having problems in my calves now so I know I need to get it sorted!

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I’ve had two sets of orthotics. One was this material that sort of moulded to your feet with more support on the arch and the others were made specifically for my feet. Thankfully I don’t really need them any more.

Have you had physiotherapy? My physio told me to curl my toes over when I was just sitting down and it’s actually become an automatic habit now (which is good!). The pain occurs when the tendons that go from your heel and spread across the ball of your foot are stretched too far when you step (due to the high arches) that is why you can also get pain in the heel as well as along the arch.

I hope it gets better for you guys. Not nice to have foot pain!

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I have extremely high arches, and yes, custom orthotics were helpful.

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I also have very high arches, but I also have very small feet ( size 2 in kids) and have been in the same size since I was about 8 ( am now 32) so I have had trouble finding anything that works for me…. on occasion I have found a few brands of shoes that have lifted arches that help, but I rarely have pain associated with my arches, I think it has alot to do with the fact that I am also very short and tip toe alot, so I stretch my feet in different directions thoughout any given day and this I believe helps alot. I suggest while your still looking do as @Tennis5tar says about curling your toes and offset that with stretching your feet as well, this may help loosen the muscles a bit and help relieve the discomfort. Hope it gets better soon.

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I have extremely high arches, even after they fell somewhat due to three pregnancies. So far, the only thing I haven’t tried yet is custom orthotics. They’re next on my list (when I can afford them), as nothing else has done the trick. Good luck!

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For a cheap experiment, try this:
Buy the gel thingies sold for going under the ball of your foot but adhere them to where your arches fall in your shoes instead.
Do toe stretches every morning and night to prime your feet and then soothe them after a day of shoes. Rise up on your toes and hold for 5 seconds before lowering back down onto your heels. Do a set of 50 of these and then soak your feet after at the end of your day.

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I have high arches that have started to break down due to old age plus 30 years of regular and vigorous running and jogging. Two podiatrists made me special orthotics that did not help much at all. On TV is saw an add for “Walk Fit” adjustable orthotics for $20. They work very well for me. I’ve jogged 2 marathons and triathons in them with no problem. They have just the right amount of support yet have adequate softness so they don’t bruse my arch like other orthotics do to me while jogging.

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I don’t have super tall arches, but cushioned shoes do help…after you break them in. If you run, a new pair of shoes for your arches might make the first few days a living nightmare.

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