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Recommendations for simple (ideally free) photo-editing software?

Asked by wildflower (11157points) April 19th, 2008

I’ve been trawling through but find it very hard to decide which one to go for…...all I want to do is embed watermarks (copyright) on my photos, otherwise I’m happy with the options of iPhoto…...Can anyone recommend a good application for this?

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Oh…..and I’m running Leopard on a MacBook Pro…

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If all you want to do is watermark you might look at

ImageWell Reloaded



Not free, but low cost.

Good Luck

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You could try Adobe Photoshop although I honestly don’t know whether or not it would work for mac

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Thanks frigate…Adobe do make Mac versions, but Photoshop’s a bit pricey for my amateur artistry :)

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Arent photoshops free??

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Coz I didnt pay for it LOL

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you could try Photoshop Express. a free online flash based version of photoshop.

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