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Who is the better piano man: Billy Joel or Elton John?

Asked by ddude1116 (5575points) April 3rd, 2011

I’m partial to Billy Joel myself, but I like Sir Elton, too, and got curious. Simple as that.

I’m under the impression that since Joel’s a lyricist, too, and Elton really isn’t, Joel is better, so who wrote what is irrelevant. My question is who’s music is better.

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I like Billy Joel better. There’s just something really weird about Elton John and I despise his music.

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I like both of them, but my vote has to go to Billy Joel. He’s so versatile and a ton of his songs are timeless – “Only The Good Die Young” is one of my all-time favourite songs.

And you just can’t beat his factory-beatboxing in “Allentown”.

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I’m surprised that more people haven’t answered this question. It’s definitely a good one!

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I like the songbook of Billy Joel much better.

His musical compositions are truly amazing. I don’t think he gets enough credit for the depth of the composition.

Sound like it shall be a Captain Jack night.

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Elton John, by far. Billy Joel is stuck in essentially “Billy Joel” style. Elton Johns output is so diverse, from Jamaica Jerk Off to Funeral for a Friend to Your Song.

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Even though I absolutely love Elton, I think Billy Joel is just a tad better in my mind.

Ah, Allentown. Remember Allentown, @ddude1116?

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@zenvelo they’re both pretty limited to their own styles, I think, Elton John’s got a consistent pop-theme in his music that follows similar keys
@KatetheGreat Elton John’s music is weird, but I dig that, though I need to be in an Elton sort of mood, whereas Billy Joel just rocks my socks
@Seelix I totally agree, so many of his songs just ring true to my heart, especially New York State Of Mind and Leave A Tender Moment Alone
@blueiiznh and his compositions are totally in sync with his lyrics, too, except for the original She’s Got A Way, the slower ballad he played and rerecorded live is much better…
@Joker94 I remember Allentown, Billy Joel is so Allentown…

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@ddude1116 Extremely Allentown..

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@Joker94 Elton John’s Allentown levels are dangerously low..

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@ddude1116 Summer Highland Falls and Vienna and on and on.
Now I am not taking anything away from Sir Elton, but Billy rises above for me.

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@blueiiznh I completely agree! Elton had a lot of fun music, but Joel’s music had more meaning overall, and a lot of it was still fun (My Life, anyone?). And I must admit, Funeral For a Friend, I’ve Seen That Movie Too, and such Elton songs had a lot of meaning and are definitely some of my favorites, but Joel just had a more consistent amount that was also more relevant to me at the time.

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A while ago I set my Facebook status to:

Seelix works at Mr. Cacciatore’s down on Sullivan Street, across from the medical centre.

I got a lot of comments about my new job. There’s not enough Billy Joel in this world.

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Billy Joel. I love his songs more.

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I think I’m a bit out numbered here.

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@zenvelo Don’t have a heart attack, ack, ack, ack, ack, ack over it

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@Seelix I would have liked the shit outta that status…but hey, if that’s what it’s all about..

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I prefer Billy Joel. Also, the only times I’ve seen him in concert were when he was touring with Elton John. So I have been able to compare them side-by-side.

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Between those two, I prefer Elton John because I like his singing voice better, but, honestly, my fave rave is a different piano man, Ben Folds.

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@aprilsimnel – Oh yeah. I’d marry Ben Folds in a second.

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I would say they are probably equally as gifted as each other but personally, I prefer Billy Joel.

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