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Why have european nations had second thoughts about using nuclear power instead of fossil fuels to genarate electricity?

Asked by darthojr (1points) April 19th, 2008


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What? I was under the impression they use more nuclear than we do… Especially France. You know they’re building a fusion reactor there? Can’t wait the 50+ years it will take until its usable for grid power

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Well to start with, let’s learn some basics about nuclear power and fossil fuel that I happen to know. The power yield for nuclear generators(I will call them NG to save time) bypass that of fossil fuel(FS) substancially. However, there is one huge danger in NG. Accident. You may want to look at the Chernoville incident it was horrible. Thousands of ppl have suffered and even more had to flee. Like this. if places like London or Paris have a nuclear blowup, well, bye bye people and hello mutants and cancers. Im not joking. this would happen unless ppl get noticed in advance of several hours. To summarize my point, the European nations feared the accidental blowup of NG because it can cause lasting fdamage to the environmnt and its people

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@ frigate1985 (I think you were referring to Chernobyl) NG are much much safer these days and have lots of fail safes. The danger of an overload is the same, but the chances are much smaller because of better technology. Chernobyl was decades ago, and it was people not following safety precautions. They have better technology now, proven fail safes that work, and better educated personnel.
And honestly, if you compare the dangers of NG to coal-fire power plants… I’d say coal is worse. You know how many people have gotten cancer, asthma, and other sicknesses from mountain top clearing, strip mining, acid rain, etc, the list goes on forever. Talk about people having to leave their homes.. the same thing happens in West Virginia! I spoke to a man from WV who said he doesn’t know a single family there that doesn’t have someone in it sick from the coal-mining and mountain top clearing. There tap water turns black sometimes from it. It’s ridiculous.

The European fear of nuclear, while I think is too much, is necessary to make sure the nuclear energy process stays safe.

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yeah I guess so…but you never know right??Even with all the fail safes, there are accidents right? I was just talking about the “possibility” Anyway, I think they both are dangerous..maybe use alcohol or something…

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alcohol may cause food shortage too…hmmm thats a big problem…

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