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Can someone help me with some high level D&D 3.5 druid spell combinations?

Asked by Rarebear (25159points) April 5th, 2011

I have a 14th level druid that can cast 7th level spells. I’m unfamiliar with high level games and I’m looking for ideas for spell combinations that would pack a good punch.

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So, I don’t have too much experience with druids (arcane and psionics being more my shtick), but i highly suggest just running through the D20srd. Very helpful site if you didn’t know about it. There aren’t tons of Druid spells in 3.5 (unless there’s more in side books, but i think the srd has most of them), so it shouldn’t take long to get a feel for them, and think about some combinations.

That said, if I have time later or in the next few days I can take a more thorough look, but I can’t give more specific advice right at the moment. Good luck, and have fun.

Edit: Oh, i will say hat in general, druids tend to be good when used as fighters, using spells to buff themselves. Druids also have a lot of spells that make them hilarious and useful out of combat, so if it’s not a combat-centric game i recommend getting a few good ones of that nature (like the silliness that is Stone Talk).

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The beauty of casters like druids is that, every day when you re-prepare spells you once again gain access to your entire list, so it’s all about planning for the adventure. Is your party heading into a dungeon? Maybe some heavy damage spells like Fire Storm are what you need? Already got plenty of DPS and Tank? Then perhaps your slots are better used with support spells like Heal, True Seeing or Wind Walk. And those are just the 7th level spells; the kicker is that every day you get to reshape your entire spell list!

In my experience, it helps to group spells by level and type. For instance, all your 1st level spells could be defensive or support, 2–3rd level offensive, 4–5th level purely devoted to heal, and so on and so forth. It all depends on your party composition, but more often than not a druid is potent because of the sheer variety of their magic. Know your party members and what roles they plan to be playing, and try to fill the gaps accordingly. And don’t forget to utilize your animal companion!

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@BhacSsylan, @BhacSsylan Thanks. My druid is a 3 foot tall gnome with the unarmed combat flaw, so melee is out of the question. What I was looking for was more high level spell combos to use as a 1–2 punch, so to speak, like hailstorm and whirlwind or something like that.

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@BhacSsylan Thanks. I know the site and I use it. I have all the necessary books (and then some). It’s just that because of some weird game mechanics thing I just leveled up really quickly and all of a sudden I have 7th level spells where I just had 5th.

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