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If you were to run for President, which party would you run with?

Asked by BeeVomit (298points) April 5th, 2011

Are you a proponent of any minor parties? Why? What stance would you take? What issues would you face? Please, go all out with this one.

I would like to run for the Presidency but I still have 11 years before I’m eligible. Even then, it’s stunning to think that a 35 year old whippersnapper would seriously run. So, in the time I have to prepare (assuming the office will exist by then) I’d like to build up on my homework, starting with you. Let me know what you think and why. I can’t promise you I’ll get to your issue, but it will most definitely help me on my way.

Please, no wars here. I want to hear everyone out as best I can. I appreciate it.

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The communist party.

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The goddamn Bull Moose Party. Not because I’m a progressive, necessarily, but in the spirit of the rebelliousness that the party represented when my hero Teddy Roosevelt founded it.

Democrats and Republicans alike make me want to eat babies, so fuck both of them.

My party platform:

1. You can marry whoever or whatever the fuck you want as long as it consents.
2. You can put whatever you want into your own body as long as you don’t push it on others.
3. Have a fetus you don’t want? Then abort it! It’s legal!
4. You can own whatever the hell you can afford (50 machineguns, a monster truck, a dozen flying lemurs) but I’m throwing your ass in jail forever if you do anything stupid with it.
5. There’s some economic stuff too, but that’s all boring and I’ll spare you the unpleasantries.

Do I care if my party platform is realistic or workable? Of course I don’t! But you should vote for me anyway.

Fiddle Bastard’s Bull Moose Party 2.0: Because Liberty is a tough pill for some to swallow.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard can I be your Secretary of Energy?

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The Libertarian Party.

I stand for the concept that “the smaller the government, the greater the freedom.” I am also a great advocate of not attacking countries which have not attacked us. Yes, maintain a strong military, but use it only in defense of our own country, or in defense of allied countries; we have no business trying to be the world’s policeman. No more undeclared wars… period.

The Federal Reserve has hoodwinked the American public long enough. It needs to be abandoned and the Country returned to the gold standard. I would drop all exemptions and deductions from the income tax, abolish the IRS, and fix the tax rate at a set percent of everyone’s income, from whatever source.

We need to take the radical step of closing our borders to all illegals from wherever! If you can’t come in the front door like an honest human being, we don’t want you!

Every American, from whatever race, gender, socio-economic stratum, sexual orientation, or age shall not be denied equal protection under the law. This means, for example at a practical level, if marriage is a legal process, then the State cannot forbid some to get married while allowing others to do so.

Legalize marijuana. Far too many of our young people have been jailed for mere possession, and the “War on Drugs” is a miserable failure. Yes, addictive substances must be illegal, but we should also apply some judment to the process.

A particular social group shall not be punished as a group for the behavior of a few. This includes gun owners. National reciprocity for all concealed carry permits.

Constitutional amendment to require the government to live within its means. Borrowing is illegal except for periods of less than one year in order to finance Congressionally approved military actions, or the response to national emergencies.

Constitutional amendment forbiding the incorporation of “extra-constitutional law or jurisprudence” ( such as Sharia Law ) into any American legal system.

Those who violate the public trust while in elective or appointive office, including the President, and all the way down to local officials and police, shall be subject to severe penalties, all the way up to and including the death penalty.

Vote-buying, or subverting the electora process at any level shall subject the perpetrator to severe punishment, up to and including the death penalty.

[ There’s lots more, but that will do for now. ] : )

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@WestRiverrat, actually, I was thinking about nominating you to be my Secretary of Whoop-Ass, but Energy works too, whatever floats your boat!

@CaptainHarley, you have my vote, for the most part.

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Thank you. With what part(s) do you take issue?

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@CaptainHarley So far, I am 99% with you… keep going.

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Democrat, because it is more practical to be part of the two major parties if you really want to get elected, even though I wish everyone was an independent.

1. Good public education, special emphasis on high school, more options for getting through in 3 or 3.5 years vs 4 if a student prefers. Free university available, and a hard look at tuition being charged currently by colleges. I wish the federal government had more control and minimum standards for public schools across the country.

2. Socialized medicine for all. Get rid of the horrible insurance comapnies. This is my fantasy I bet it will never happen. If not possible, stop medical insurance being offered through employers and get rid of group discounts to give the individual back some power, and free up competition.

3. Legal marriage between any two consenting adults regardless of gender.

4. logical path to citizenship.

5. Adherence to separation of church and state, especially in our schools.

6. Get rid of lobbying.

7. Change practices for running for office to level the playing field.

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I am a moderate Democrat, but if I were to run, I would go on the Republican ticket, and try to pull away enough Republican moderates to take the primaries. Then, I would try to portray the Democrat as too far to the left, and try to win Democrat moderates.
Basically, the McCain plan.
The difference is I’m not a 70+ year old crippled feeb with a wreckless tart of a Veep running with me.

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I would also run as a Libertarian for many of the reasons @CaptainHarley posted. He and I disagree on a few things, but we agree far more often. And if it turned out that I actually got the nomination, I would want him for my running mate. A good leader needs a #2 that they agree with on most things but disagree just enough to make policy decisions that are a bit more fair and balanced; having a “yes man” as a #2 isn’t much different than not having a #2 at all.

The things mentioned here that I have issues with him over are not insurmountable either. For instance, I think we should make it easier for people to immigrate here legally, though we would have to work on the details (that would likely require a larger INS to handle the increased paperwork and I am not a fan of larger government any more than he is) and I feel that the flat tax plan is inherently flawed, at least considering the vast disparity in income in this country. It may have worked half a century ago, but the math geek in me sees how, like most mathematical models, it frays at the extremes.

Regardless of our minor quibbles, I think that the two of us would make a great, effective team.

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The Private Party

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The Cranky Bitch Will Fix Things To Benefit Everyone Instead of Screwing Half the Country Party.

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“If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all.”
—Thomas Jefferson

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Our first campaign strategy meeting will be at your place. Don’t forget the beer! : D

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@filmfann If McCain had that plan it might have worked. Instead he did not try to get any moderate Democrats in the end with his VP pick. If he had went moderate in his VP choice he might have had more success.

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@JLeslie I am honestly surpised he didn’t pick Lieberman.

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@filmfann Leiberman would have made sense. I actually was not happy at all Gore picked Liberman, but I still voted for Gore. Lieberman was liked by many Evangelicals I knew, so the choice would have appealed to some of them. The evangelicals mostly weren’t going to vote for Obama no matter what, so why play to them so much? Didn’t make sense to me. Your way makes sense.

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@JLeslie Alzheimers makes sense to me, so I can see why McCain chose Palin.

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How about this Mitt Romney. What happened to him?

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@jerv and @CaptainHarley

I like your styles. I would recommend on the tax basis that all companies working outside of the country pay a percentage to sell or offer services in the US. That way companies will absorb the losses, or, if in keeping to their (often too predictable) creed, come back to the US to reestablish those millions of jobs lost when they had left. As well, large box stores (Costco, Walmart, BestBuy, etc.) will pay a certain percentage if they are selling or serving in a state other than their parent company. This will pay as property tax to the towns involved, that schools (a big part of property taxes where I’m from) will benefit, roads, and other services as well. It may also go as far as making those corporations think twice about coming into a small town environment and gobbling their resources. Any companies shirking their duties to their employees (already a big issue with Walmart over medical insurance) will incur heavy penalties. Basically, this action will bring their prices up a bit, and let nearby olde-towne shops continue on their own way.

@JLeslie @filmfann I would hope that the Major Parties would be abolished before my time. America was founded on equal opportunity (for people considered citizens, at least). I would prefer to not be considered on the back-burner for running with a third party. I know that many consider there to be three parties only, but it’s actually more like thirty. Very few people ever get to see a twelfth-party candidate in the primaries, but I can’t seem to figure why not? I know, of course, it’s mostly the fault of the news corporations. Abolish those as well, and we might have something equitable in the system, for once in my lifetime.

I have little doubt, if the parties remain strictly Democrat vs. Republican I will not be elected… because I am neither.

Other input:

I would seek to raise popularity again with organic (or even less organic old school) farms. Less monocultures (for within which we are subject at any time to another Dust Bowl type scenario), less stockpiling of surplus grain (if we have it, it should go further to gaining world trust than feeding our coffers), and seek knowledge in further areas of agriculture.

A strong challenge to individuals and companies to compete for government industry jobs. Instead of giving the job to private lobbies who pay the most into the system for contracts, or who promise to do the job for the least amount of money, try weeding through the corporate lobbies to those smaller companies which can do the job better, and more lasting. (If you’d like to know more of Haliburton and those other war contractors see the documentary Iraq For Sale, The War Profiteers)

More schools. Free Universities, in the styles of ancient culture. Where the information is available daily in our library. Services will be offered, such as within a marketplace. Trade will be encouraged, skills will likewise come to light of individuals we’ve overlooked by making education something feared (indebted, billed). Schools for children encouraged to be more outdoor education. We need better infrastructure in this country and the best ways to build come from our imitation of nature.

To have children cooped up inside (to be one of those children) is possibly the worst thing one can imagine for such a large percentage of that population that is done repeatedly with little or no discrimination. In short, schools ought to be a proponent of healthy outdoor activity, with basis in skill sets, such as gardening, architecture, engineering, etc.. Mathematics weren’t learned in a dark classroom, they were taught in an amphitheatre to those who had an ear for them.

I fear I’m saying a bit too much, exposing my ignorance. No, I’m not the smartest cookie in the shed, but I am passionate to get things done when I have the power to put them into action. I’ve been a president before, of an environmental group through my former college, but the infrastructure there was weak, and little work got done because I had no support base on which to rely. The whole thing was a joke, and I fell right into it. However, because I was such a bull-head about getting stuff done, this more recent leader had enough support from those I banded together that the group is now going strong. This is the sort of thing I wish to do with the United States. I admit that a lot of the current issues of states and the Fed aren’t going to be worked out before or even during my time, but I’d try to make a stand for more ways that work, by letting people become more empowered within the system, rather than keeping the government above the people.

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@BeeVomit I think for now you could make a great impact on local communities. One great thing about our very large country, is the power and autonomy in local and state government (ironically I am usually leaning towards central government) is that we can test ideas in cities and states, and if very effective, we can look to spread the idea across the country. States can be experiments for new innovative ideas, and when successful is a demonstration of what ideas can work. See, manyof the things tha interest you are now more controlled locally than federally. Schools, local farming, etc. So for the federal government to come in and start making big changes you would meet a significant amount of resistance I think.

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You might be interested in working with city planners and private developers to cate new neighborhoods with schools, parks, commercial business, farms, etc. Kind of like a perfect ecosystem for living. I grew up in Montgomery Village, which is coined as being the second community in America that was a planned city (Reston, VA is known as the first) and all village residents had a card to use any of the five pools in the village, and there was rec centers, and tennis courts, and play grounds, and an indoor pool, and a shopping center, and to walk to school or the pool we had tunnels under the bigger roads so children were safe, and elemntary schoold strategically placed, and on and on. Yours could be a new generations with agriculture and maybe opportunities for more of a community/commune lifestyle.

There is a group in many cities, not sure if I can remember the name, that trades time for service. All service are equal. I saw a doctor interviewed who gives her service for a “credit” hour and cashes it in to have her plumbing fixed. Or, a handyman who gives his service so he can take sailing lessons, etc. All of these people earn money as well in their profession, but they belong to this system too.

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Resistance would show where parties truly lie, rather than lobbies. I get that schools and farms are local ideas, but Bush put schools on his list of priorities. I’d like to change them in other ways. The best opportunity to change a structure happens when the foundation is laid bare. We’re at a time now when that knowledge is currently being used. However, there will be certain nuances that may show within the next several which would change my mind..

Much like in school, I was directed in such a way that I had to build up my knowledge before I could become available to higher courses. However, those courses I tested into positively earlier on in my education, and I was rather burnt on other ideas before coming to them. I had lost the passion I’d had, the build up of pre-knowledge was a barrier to me.

I do appreciate the advice. I helped a friend become elected at City Council a few years back. He’s going strong, but I can see the toll its taken on his idealism. I doubt he’s going to rise within the system. Your second point is clearly on topic with this, as your planned communities have little in the way of competition of ideals. In my friend’s case, the city is one of the most filled with turmoil about planning as any in California, and that coupled with natural and artificial resources keeping the town running, is a sad thing to sit upon and weigh, then watch happen. What very little is done is usually in favor of the major lobbies, of those with outside popularity and money to support their argument.

That idea of the group in your second statement is much like one I had wished to create myself, several years ago. However, I hadn’t a clue how to get it started. If one such as myself were to run for a presidency, it would be beneficial (at least to me) to have a backing such as theirs. Rather, it may be better off without a proponent politically, because then perhaps it wouldn’t become muddled by personal agenda.

Thanks again for your thoughts. If you come across this group’s name, I’d like to hear it.

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Much like in the case of socialized medicine (like Libraries, and Police and Fire stations) a city or a few in some major states with access to serious medical needs for little or no cost to the patient, would definitely be a good start to having the idea spread through the rest of the country.

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@BeeVomit I think this is it. I believe I saw a report on 60 Minutes about it, but it might have been a different show, the website has a lot of info. Go to their mission, or about. The thing is the shows I have seen about it simplified things, while the website is very complicated in its explanation in my opnion. Maybe try googling for the 60 minutes episode?

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On the website I provided you can look at locations and see if there is an organization near where you live.

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I would be proud to be the candidate from the Working Families party

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The Libertarian Party.

If for no other reason, then to give them a candidate again, since Ron Paul stepped down.

Rand Paul

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@ibstubro Ron Paul is a Republican. He has run as a Libertarian exactly once (in 1988), and the Libertarian Party has run plenty of candidates (at all levels of government) since then.

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