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Do YOU still like Pokemon?

Asked by Trozeii (55points) April 5th, 2011

Wahaha I still shamefully play the game’s and occasionally look at the merchandise while im at the store >_<

I’m kinda too big for Pokemon… _

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I always hated pokemon

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I have 3 full binders of original cards still. One of them is full of those crappy ENERGY cards.

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Yes. But believe it or not, liking pokemon is actually socially acceptable at my college. I go to nerd school.

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Hell, yes. I used to watch the show when I was a kid, but never any of the games, but I recently bought Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald for the nostalgia, and a great friend lent me Silver. I played Sapphire obsessively for a while until my save corrupted. Now, it’s a bit more difficult getting back into it after that massive slap in the balls…
@Mariah half my school plays it to varying levels of obsession, it’s far out!

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HELL NO hides DS with pokemon black

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Yes and no.

I still like the idea of Pokemon. I think the adventure aspects of the series is interesting.

However, I no longer watch the show, collect the cards, or play the video games.

BTW, you all do realize that if Pokemon is real, it would be very similar to cockfighting, right?

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I used to be big on the cards…just collecting though not trading or playing. I have almost al of them. I think that they’re in my room somewhere still…maybe my bookshelf. I used to have the Blue videogame, too. I only liked pokemon and no other yugioh dragonballz whatever those were all fake, pokemon was 1st and best.

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