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Can I Convince my computer its in the US?

Asked by mistermister (257points) May 26th, 2007
I live in Rome and would love to take advantage of both's generous free episodes as well as netflix's newish treaming movie service. however, both these sites tell me that I have to be in the states. Is there any way to convince my computer it is in the states? Its a macbook if that sheds any light.
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Actually, it's not your computer that ABC looks at, it's your IP address which comes from your Internet Service Provider (i.e., your DSL or Cable company in Rome).
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There is a solution, but it's fairly technical: you'll have to route your internet connection through a proxy server in the states.
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btw, I think netflix streaming only works in IE (and thus not on your MacBook unless you've got Windows on it)
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So, step 1 is finding a fast, free public proxy
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a search an google for free public proxies should give you lots of options to try (some may be slow)
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then step 2 is configuring this as a proxy... this page describes how to do that in safari - - It's actually pretty simple.
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ps. IE is short for Internet Explorer

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