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Does your pet have an unusual name?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) April 6th, 2011

Jellies I have noticed are a pretty creative bunch and I was wondering what odd, weird or even creepy names you all have given your pet.

I have a turtle we named Roady because I found him in the middle of my street who was minutes from being named Pancake.

What is the most unusual name you have given a pet and why did you choose that name?

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Milo here; “Gail” came with that name. Is it unusual?

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My little black and white tuxedo cat is named Yoshi, after the dinosaur from Super Mario Bros.

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Well, “Zup” is kind of odd, but we picked it because we were being silly one day and decided to see if we could come up with pet names from A to Z. When we finally got the puppy the only name we could remember from the list was “Zup”. It fits him.

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@gailcalled I guess it might be really odd depending on the pet?

@JilltheTooth I like that! Zup-pup! :))

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Two dogs one is a golden retriever and the other a black lab, Amber and Onyx

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Frank and Rudy (not really unusual). Chevrolet Kentucky is a bit different.

I got Chevy at the Humane Society. That’s what the girls there called him. My girlfriend decided that he should be Chevrolet Kentucky because it sounds like a good white trash name.

“Chevy, stop playing on that sheet metal and get back in the trailer!”

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We had a cat I named Butters. Butters is my favorite character from South Park. @filmfann would be proud ;)

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Our Cats

Boo: Our first cat, we named her after this song on the radio that said it.

Firefly: My sister-in-law named him, simply because fireflies are cool, I guess?

Spiderman: When we rescued him from outside he would go crazy in our garage and climb up the railing.

Clyde: This guy loves to run across the house at random and very horse-like. So, we named him after a Clydesdale.

Smores: She has the color of a smores treat: brown (graham cracker), white (marshmallow), and dark gray (chocolate).

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I have a cat named Hobb.

Bonus lurve for whoever knows where that name came from.

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@erichw1504 Smores, how cute! made me giggle

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The dogs names are pretty normal, Angel and Carla. However, my youngest son has a couple of tarantulas, one named “flame” and another named “red”. He also has a guinea pig named “carmel”. My oldest son has a rock scorpion named “Alice” after Alice Cooper.

We also had a plicostma in our aquarium at one time named “slurp”.

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@12Oaks Calvin and Hobbes?

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My cat has many names, because nobody in my family could agree on what to call him. I call him Spracket, because it’s fun to say.

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Dawg : Penny
Wabbit : Smudge

Nothing unusual/exotic there, we did have three guinea pigs….recently joined the choir invisibule…...they were named Blondie, Wizzpig & Hobnob.

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@12Oaks: If the cat is nasty, brutish and short, the name came from Thomas Hobbes, the philosopher. who is remembered only for that phrase.

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My Australian shepherd was born October. 1 (many years ago). We named him Tober. When I was in high school I had a cat I named Elisha, my dad’s middle name, just to suck up so he’d let me keep the cat.

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@Jude Chevy KY is one of the more creative ones I have ever heard! ;))

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I have a Havoc and a Melee, and used to have a Chaos. Cats, of course.

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Someday when I have my own place, I hope to have a pair of terriers, a Scottie and a Westie, by the names of Pons and Oire. It’s a reference to a webcomic, and I would say those names qualify as unusual.

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Our Pug Dog is named Diesel

Once had a little black dog named Cricket

I prefer to give my cats “people” names so we once had sister cats named Bridget and Eleanor

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@12Oaks Is it a reference to warcraft?

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My dog’s name is Macula Notare, which is Latin for marked with a spot. (We call him Mackie).

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Several years ago, a stray black cat took up residence in our basement (he got in through a derelict cat door in the basement’s outside door). He was extremely furtive, and for months all we saw of him was the occasional black swoop darting for cover. We called him Beelzebub in keeping with his shadowy, basement-dwelling misanthropic persona.

He has since morphed into an irrepressibly companionable love-sponge, so Beelzebub is now simply Bubby.

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We use to have a calico cat named “Heavenly Hash” for the ice cream, we later got an all white cat and called him Vanilla.

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@jonsblond Thanks, that is my favorite name I have every given to a pet.

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@bkcunningham @gailcalled @Tropical_Willie. No, no, and no. Hobb is the correct spelling.

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My dog and cats all have fairly normal names—Robin, Rita, Ana-May, and Cardiff.

The betta fish, on the other hand… I have had Fion MacCumhail (Fin MacCool), Cardinal Richelieu (he was bright red), and Pinkerton (aka Pinky).

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Mia & Marley are my cats and Marwyn & Sonora are my chinese geese.

‘Marwyn’ is a play on ’ Marilyn’ which was Marwyns name for the 1st 4 months of his/her life.

Then one day Marilyn showed me her penis!
It became obvious Marwyn was a boy, sooo, time to revise the name thing. haha

Marwyn has remained a boy for 13 years now, I think we’re beyond any more trans gander moments!

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@12Oaks Would it be for Robin Hobb the author?

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I have a cat named jonsblond.

No, really, I used to have a cat named Blondie. We named it after the Clint Eastwood character in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
I also had a dog named Waffles. After I chose the name, I saw that Diane Keaton’s character in Manhattan had a dog named that.

I want to name my next dog Spot, so when I take him outside, I can shout “Out, damned Spot!”

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If you consider a couple of cats named Chewbacca and Yoda to be unusual…

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@Cruiser Close. Very close.

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@filmfann haha. We have a dog named Spot. He likes to lay on the floor in the kitchen when I’m cooking and I always trip over him. I usually mutter “Spot! That’s a terrible spot to be in.”

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I named my bichon frise Minnie because she was so small when I got her (2.5 lbs). My parents have a bichon/poodle mix who is 25 pounds, and his name is Max. So it’s “Maxi and Minnie!”

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My pet does have an unusual name. “What is your pet’s name” is a common security question, so I’m not telling! ;)

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Well my cats are named Barsik ( a typical Russian name for a cat, so it’s only unusual for people who aren’t Russian), Cordie (for Cordelia on Buffy, :) and Roxie (for Chicago). My dogs are named Dasha and Marfa (which are Russian names, again) and my pet snake used to be called Norbert (which non-Harry Potter fans found unusual).

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@Haleth Excellent point! May need to change the pet names to protect the passwords that some may actually use!

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I guess Mushroom and Jelly Bean are the oddest names of the pets I have. Flower, Blackberry and Daisy are pretty normal, to me.

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My pets all have unusual names.
My cats are Boo (short for the Bogeyman), Mr. Schmee, and Maximus Yoda (but, we call him Max.)
My dogs are Pickles and Lady.
I’ve owned, raised, rescued, and rehomed so many animals over my lifetime.. you have to start getting creative with the names after a while.

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Guido is my Siberian Huskies name. Named after my moms dog when she was growing up.

Grumbles is my cats name. Named after an injured stray I found and attempted to save but ended up having to be put down (he was Grumbelly, after the orange loony toons character [it was an orange cat] who is also the weight watchers “hungry” mascot).

I also have fish who have sometimes had names.

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My Pomeranian is named Maximo The Minimus. He was rescued from abusive owners by my ex bro-in-law who drove him to us in a Nissan Maxima.

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A friend of mine won a little goldfish at the fair years ago and named him Lord Alfred Finnegan. She and her husband never refer to him by a nickname—it has to be the full title. That little goldfish is ginormous now. I don’t know what they’ve been feeding him.

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@Haleth and @Cruiser For the security question, I use the name of a pet I’ve had in the past. :-)

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I have a Cat named Mouse or Spud, she answers to both :-/

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I have only had pets with normal names.
But my best friends mom let me choose the name of their blue pit bull. I named her Montserrat after the volcano. I didn’t know much about pit bulls but it was mainly because I thought they were unpredictable like volcanoes. My friend also owns a rabbit named tortilla.

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One of my dogs’ name is Donnatello, after the Ninja Turtle.
Another is Riggs, after Sergeant Martin Riggs from Lethal Weapon (Mel Gibson).

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@12Oaks, Hobbs, does it mean the devil?

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@wilma Not even close.

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@12Oaks Commander Hobb?

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My dear departed Himalayan cat ‘Gadwicke’ passed away last May.

His full name was ( self given not from a pedigree ) ‘Gadwicke, son of Smethwicke’ of Mt. Aukum. He looked like the Fancy Feast cat but but, boy, could he kick some kitty ass, no one messed with the ‘madman.’

He ran off dogs, raccoons, rattlesnakes and liked to ride around on my shoulder in the swimming pool.
Marwyn is the gatekeeper for Jehovahs witnesses, get out of your car at your own risk when the king of the micro-farm is on driveway sentry. lol

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I had a snake named Gandalf. I also had a few beta fish and I named them Ludwig, Jello, and Mongoloid. Oh, and a bunny named Fidel Castro.

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Here are some unusual names that my family members have given their pets: my hubby used to have a cat named Skillet, my sister in law had a python named Fluffy, a cat named Skitz and a goldfish named Catfood, and a long time ago we had a bunny that we named George.

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We used to have two Jack Russell Terriers, (sisters) called Scampi and Chips. They hated each other and fought like dog and dog. We kept Scampi, Chips had to be given away to new owners. Scamp ruled the house until she was 15, when she went to find Chips in dog heaven, where they are undoubtedly fighting still.

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I had a jackass named Bob.)

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I have two cats, Magrat and Archer. Archer is more commonly called The Borch or Mr. Pomsman. I decided that his former testicles look like pompoms, shortened to poms. We talk a lot about his poms, which is totally not weird.

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My cat’s full name is Reggie Mr. Pants. (He came from the shelter with the name Reggie and Mr. Pants just seemed to fit)

Nowadays he gets called Rage, which comes from something called Reggie Rage, where he tears all over the house racing around like a madman.

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Our cats seem to get the weird handles. One we call Ese’ , a former feral cat who got up on the counter one day and destroyed a pan of enchiladas, and “Butters” also feral. We also have “Russel” named after a drummer. They all know when we call for them and they come a runnin.

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My cousin has a cat and named her Felanie. That’s a new one to me.

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I’ve had cats named:

Vladimir Komorovsky

Skuttlebutt Ramses

Willow Vanillo

and quite a number of others over the years! : D

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<——- this is Catgut

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Kiki, short for Shakira.
(she is 11 years old, born and named before Shakira the singer with hips went mainstream)

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Ex-husbands don’t count! LMAO!

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Kid Icarus. =)

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Cat named Sergeant Pepper.

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<—-This is Grits. I had a dog named I named Jack after my grandfather. When he got up on the counter as a puppy and I yelled, “Jack, OFF!” I realized I had a dog I couldn’t control in public without blushing, so I changed it to Zach as he already knew his former name pretty well. I used to have an Oscar (fish) named Dave, a German Shepherd named Steve, and a cat named Lillian.

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Pup is Maynard,,,,,,kinda redneck….kinda jazz trumpet exuberance. but i saved his butt and all is good.

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@noelleptc LOL, cute. We used to have a “koi” pond in our front yard with 6 fish, and my oldest daughter named them Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort (he was the only black fish) and Mrs. Filch. We used to have a beta that she named Hagrid, but he died so I secretly replaced him with Hagrid II. My hubby accidentally filled the bowl too high with water and Hagrid II jumped to his death. I found him on the kitchen floor. :( I secretly replaced him with Hagrid III, who died the next year. I finally gave up and told my daughter that her fishie had died, so we gave him a little funeral in the backyard. I hummed Taps and my daughter said a little prayer, LOL. It was adorable.

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@lucillelucillelucille Did you call him by yelling “Yo Bob!”?

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My brother’s cat is named Carl. We used to have a feral cat named Fat B@stard (he was enormous).

When I was really little we had a cat named Cha siu baau, so called because he would go to our Vietnamese neighbor’s house and steal her cat’s food. That’s what she called him, and it stuck.

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@FluffyChicken – did you find out what the name meant? Or was it Fat B**tard in Vietnemese?!

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It means pork buns, which was apparently what she fed her cat.

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I love ‘Pork Buns’ for a cat name – my niece used to own a cat that would have suited it so well!

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I got a rabbit for my birthday that I called Benjy after the rabbit in a kids TV programme in UK called Playschool. The VERY next day they told us the rabbit had died and they had got a new rabbit called Snuggles or something rubbish like that. We tried calling the rabbit the new name but it didn’t stick and it was still Benjy. Then we found out it was a girl rabbit so she was renamed Miss Benjy. The only other pet we had was a dog called Ben. Hmm, variety or even originality not that prevelant in the Stinley household….

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@Stinley cute story…it made me smile :)

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My Pets name Is NAWAB its an ancient indian king name..

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That’s a hell of a moniker to hang on a turtle!

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I have a dog called Astro, he is a black Mini Schnauzer (My profile pic is when he was 8 weeks old)
I have a bird (cockatiel) named Sinbad, she was originally named Squawks and we thought she was a boy, we then renamed her/him to Sinbad, and then she layed an egg, we didn’t want to change her name

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@IheartMypuppy That happened with my 17 yr. old chinese goose ” Marwyn” who I thought was a girl and named ” Marilyn”. At 4 months old out popped the penis, Oops…it took me awhile to adjust to his his trans-gander moment. lol

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