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What "unique" quirks do your pets have?

Asked by poofandmook (17320points) February 15th, 2009

I’m referring to things that you’ve never seen another animal do… good or bad.

My “poofy” sucks on her paw when she’s really happy (I’ve read of other cats doing this but I’ve never seen it), and she absolutely insists on smelling my breath if I’ve been gone a while, including when I wake up. She’ll actually chase me down until I lean over and blow out of my mouth lightly so she can get right up in my face and sniff. The worse it is, the more she loves it. GROSS.

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My dog has been known to follow people around while watching them. Her blind devotion makes a soft thump about the time when we realize her four pounds of fluff has just walked into a wall and it’s all our fault. We love our Athena.

And our old dog, Zeus used to peel bananas and eat them. He was awesome.

Oh, and our cat has always supplemented her diet with bunny rabbits, chipmunks, birds and lizards. We’ve found them scattered in the house and in the case of the rabbit…in pieces on our welcome mat.

Your cat however, is awesome.

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Right before my dog eats, he will lay down right in front of his food bowl (almost to where his face is touching the bowl). Then he’ll rest his head on his paws. He’ll stay just like that for a min or so, like hes praying or something for his food. (Or maybe hes disgusted that he eats the same thing day after day, lol. ) Then he’ll get up and begin to eat.

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One of our cats likes to lick himself bald in places- that, or his appetite for houseplants has given him patches of bare skin that contrast most wonderfully with his lustrous black fur. In the middle of his bespoke licking sessions, he is wont to forget what he is doing and sit with perfect composure, save for the centimeter of pink tongue peeking from his mouth.

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Our male cat Po (less than a year old) thinks he is a dog.

he has two blue heeler/black lab mix mentors

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Right after the dog food is poured into the bowl my dog will not eat it unless someone is watching her take the first few bites.

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My cat, Anila, has the most unique and interesting way of talking right after she wakes up, every single time. Mrowrowowmrrrrow! Then she hunts you down to cuddle. It’s almost like she wants reassurance that we didn’t leave her behind while she was sleeping.

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My family used to have a half-Labrador, half-Cocker Spaniel and he could recognize individual people in the family. When my brothers and I would sit on the couch and love seat, my mom or dad would be across the room with the dog and would call out our names one by one and our dog would always go right to the correct person whose name was called. It was almost kind of eerie but then again, he was a very intelligent dog. My mom and youngest brother taught him all kinds of tricks.

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Well, he’s not really MY cat, he’s my sister’s, but I love him so much he might as well be mine :) But anyway, he has this obsession with mint…if you are chewing mint gum, he will literally attack you. He will jump up on your chest, sniff in your mouth, and try to lick your mouth and chin. If you have a pack of mint gum in your purse/book bag/pocket/sitting on any surface, he WILL find it and he WILL steal it. He will take out every single piece, and lick all of them. He won’t take just one, he needs to lick ALL of them. If you have just brushed your teeth, he will attack you then also, and try to make out with you.
He also loves laying on the bed when you’re attempting to remove old sheets or put on new sheets.
And he likes attacking people when they walk up and down the stairs.

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We have a mouse and if you are in the room and are not paying attention to him he will toss seeds at you through the bars.

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Years ago I also had a cat named Socks, who was obsessed with the smell of chlorine kind of like ashpea9288’s cat liked mint. Whenever anyone came out of a swimming pool and Socks was around, he would put his two front paws on the top of your head and his bottom paws on the left and right shoulders, so you couldn’t get him off. He would then, literally, try to devour your hair. Bit it, licked it, gripped it, rubbed it all over his face.

That was the same cat who used to play tag with me and we would take turns stalking each other. He particularly enjoyed pouncing my head so I got a face-full of fuzzy, kitty belly. Then he’d just sit there for a second in pure satisfaction that he was victorious over his funny little human.

Socks also slept curled around my head, every night and he’d stare down anyone who tried to come up to me if I was sleeping.

@Dog That is so awesome. Haha! :)

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Other then what asomnet mentioned about my cat. I always had to clean up the remains….

She is very picture shy she knows when you are taking a picture of her and will look away or always blink.

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My Chinese crested won’t eat food out of a dog bowl. She takes it out a piece at a time, goes into the living room, jumps on the ottoman, eats it and goes back for another piece.
My shi tzu can’t catch cookies, he just watches them fall and bounce off his face. I don’t think this is a talent, more like he just doesn’t get it.

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My black cat named “bad boy” must always be in the same room with me, bathroom, kitchen, where ever. When I’m in the bathroom in the morning and start to climb into the shower, he grabs at my legs with both his paws as if to keep me from getting wet.

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My labradoodle is obsessed with fetching. Sort of reminds me of an old skit I saw somewhere ‘Pets on Prozac’.

My austrailian shepherd mix will jump three feet in the air straight up to tell you he’s happy to see you. (A trick he learned while standing at the edge of our invisible fence).

And together they play ‘Puppy football’ which is a combination of fetch and keep-away.

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My dog molly taught herself to open the door and let herself in when she was under a year old. It took about 5 minutes to teach her that that was unacceptable unless she also closed the door behind her. She is now better about closing the door than my husband is!

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oh, and my other cat, Mookie… insists on jumping in the bathroom sink when I’m on the toilet. She never has any interest unless I’m on the toilet. Shower, at the sink, doesn’t care. On the toilet… must be in the sink. MUST.

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Here are a few more that I remember; My cat drinks from the toilet like a dog, eats our dog Athena’s food. Athena eats my cats food only a few pieces at a time a foot a way from the food bowl.

Athena used to hump and I mean go to town on Zeus’s (My old dog) neck.

We had a ferret for a week named him whiskers, we soon changed his name to Houdini cause whatever cage and or lock we had on the cage he managed to escape from it so we just let him roam around the house like a cat.

This one is fun at Asmonet’s expense we had snow flake happy dance and houdini, three ferrets running around they would peak out under the coach and on one of Asmonets midnight fridge raids screamed bloody murder, for all she saw was 2 pairs of green eyes and one pair of red eyes.

My exs cat that I got her shortly before we broke up was nice, afterwards she started sticking her tongue out at my ex like a cobra i thought it amusing. hehe

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HAHAHAHA, KingMalefic, I love our pets.

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And his full name was Mr. Whiskers Ferry Houdini Hess. Get it right.

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To give an idea my dog Zeus and Athena
But add 4 more lbs to Athena

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The best part about Athena neck humping Zeus was that we’d walk in the room and she’d stare at us, tongue lolling in ecstasy. And wouldn’t stop. She also used his fluffy tail as a chew toy. Would steal his big cow femurs chews. And Athena tries to groom the cat, despite her inability to form hairballs. She just ends up choking while the cat looks on in contempt.

The cat also tries to beat her ass in the process.

One time I found a rabbit in the pen with twelve others. He was dead. And a bit of a pancake.

oohhh. sick right?

Athena & Musette – notice she is not looking at the camera. As per ALWAYS.

Athena & Musette, about to bust some caps.

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Our dog walks on the back and arms of the couch like a cat. This is our first small dog, we used to always have much bigger dogs, so maybe this is normal for dogs under 20 lbs.

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HM… Okay.

Katy: “Hunts” her cat food (takes ONE PIECE out and chases it around the kitchen), meows like a sheep, plays fetch, can open a door by slamming her body into it, and actually barked once.

Chance: Chases her tail, used to sit IN the toilet.

Both: Fight with each other, then in the middle of it, stop and lick each other furiously, they don’t like cat toys but prefer trash, and if I have some turkey out, they look up at me and I just drop it on their faces, and they can’t get it off. They always whine for foods like celery and cheese, but they hate it, and don’t eat it, they just like to know they can have it.

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My Jack Russell, Bella does little pirouettes (sp?) when she’s excited. She can also walk on her hind legs although I don’t encourage that because it’s not good for her but sometimes she does it on her own. I call her my little circus dog!

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I also forgot to mention that Bella can hold things in her paws like squirrels do when they are eating nuts. She’ll often lie on her back with her legs in the air holding a small ball or a stone (she has an obsession with stones – another cute little quirk – I’m always getting “presents” ie: stones left in my bed!).

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My dog is a mini Schnauzer, so when he lies on the ground (stomach to floor) his legs go out like frog legs like this, except my guy is a bit bigger.
I also have a cockatiel and she loves cheese… I don’t know if that is normal, but we found her being attacked by some Indian Mynah birds, and took her in (we did search for her original owner but couldn’t find them),
Sinbad (My bird) also wolf whistles when she wants someones attention (one of my friends taught her that)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra, Astro (my dog) does that too

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