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What are some things that you find very unattractive about the opposite sex (or same sex)?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 7th, 2011

What do you find the most unattractive thing about the opposite sex? What kind of behavior turns you off?

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I don’t know if it’s just me, but men seem to have funky toenails. And I have a foot phobia. <shudder>

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@WillWorkForChocolate UGH. Yes, I know exactly how you feel.


When women/girls fight, get drunk, smoke, and act vulgar.

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When men fight, get drunk, smoke, and act vulgar…lol!

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@yankeetooter You’re such a rebel ;)

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I disliked most of the men I dated because they kissed me like an octopus. Hands everywhere and slobber all over my face. I don’t believe all men are like that, I think I just attracted the crummy ones for a while.

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Women and bodily functions…


@yankeetooter I “expect” men to do those things, but when women do it, it’s terribly unseemly, unattractive, and unfeminine, a major turn-off for me, personally.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Ahhh, but see, I dislike it when men hold double standards. It’s no more unseemly for a woman to smoke, drink and act vulgar than it is for a man…

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I dislike when guys start getting all macho and sexist if they are in a group (I know not all guys do this but some do).

I also hate when men get competitive with each other and some small, stupid thing becomes a pissing competition (women can be just as stupid though).

I would prefer that men admit they can’t put that thing together and get out the instruction manual or that they don’t know how to get from a to b and that they are lost and read a street directory.

Other than that, most guys are just delightful.


@WillWorkForChocolate For me it’s not a question of double standards. Why would women want to act crude and stoop down to that level? Lol.

It’s like saying women should be allowed to rape because more men than women are rapists.

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Why would a man? To me it’s the same.


@WillWorkForChocolate My point exactly. Why would any sex want to act like that? But when women do it, it’s just adding to the ugliness. And they say women are suppose to “know better”?? Sheesh. Lol.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Oh honey, women are supposed to “know better”? We’re all doomed! :P


@WillWorkForChocolate Lol. Well, unfortunately they don’t, as I see a lot of drunken, fighting, swearing women who actually act worse than some guys. Sigh. What’s the world coming to? ;)

What happened to the virtues of being a lady?

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when they smell like cheese down there…

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Eewww, cheese? Really?

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@WillWorkForChocolate it’s called a yeast infection, and yeah, I puked

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@Winters Ewwwww, I feel so sorry for you!

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I have the virtues of a lady, thank you very much @MRSHINYSHOES. But any man I’m with better not cuss in front of me or smoke (I wouldn’t be with him if he did smoke). I don’t mind him drinking, but don’t get so drunk you’re puking everywhere…and fighting-only if it’s to protect my honor (oky-little bit of a double standard there, lol!)


@yankeetooter Well, I didn’t say it was good or acceptable for men to act like that either. In fact, I think when we men do it, it’s terribly ugly and contemptible. The world’s an ugly enough place. I just wish men would act more like gentlemen, and women more like ladies.

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phenomenal looks with a virtually nonexistent intellect

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Is it a full moon? Seems to be a lot of tension in the fluther pool today.

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Excessive boasting and/or poor hygeine.

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When females get drunk or high.(and mishandle it). For me It just wrecks the feminine mystique and I die a little death every time I see it.

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I react negatively to women being interested in men providing money and security, being wealthy or “ambitious” (meaning being money- or power-oriented), and having those be conditions for or causes of attraction and love.

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Poor hygiene is the worst! After that comes a constantly negative and/or I told you so attitude. Finally I despise a lack of drive and devotion to something. If we are only to live once, dear God man MAKE IT COUNT FOR SOMETHING!

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Men who use the word “bitch”
Women who don’t take care of themselves

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Vaginae and menstruation scare me :\

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@DominicX Hahahahah, how do you think my poor boyfriend feels, the last thing I recall from my 21st bday last summer was yelling to him “DID YOU KNOW SOMETIMES PERIOD BLOOD LOOKS LIKE MOTOR OIL!?”

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@WillWorkForChocolate Yes, and men who open their mouths so wide, they’re kissing my the bottom of my nose!
Men or women who think they are gawd’s gift to the other sex. I can put up with a lot but that one makes me want to list all the reasons why they are not.

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@faye and @WillWorkForChocolate I remember those kissers or should it be Face Eaters. And those who think its okay to shove their tongue down your throat. Yuck.

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@deni You’re thinking of burnt transmission fluid, I believe.

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@Mz_Lizzy Yup! I actually had one guy suck my tongue! Old enough to know better, too!

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Opposite sex: “Macho” behavior, like starting fights with other guys because “he dissed me,” revving their engines at a stop light and then racing, acting possessive toward women, or just generally acting like the world is one big dick measuring contest. Treating women in a dismissive or disrespectful way.

Same sex: competing for the attention of guys or bashing other women when we should be collaborating. Caring more about how women look than what women do.

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When guys respond with “but I’m a man” when they don’t want a girl to help….even if the girl could possibly make things easier for him..but no…He’s a man.
When a guy can burp/fart/pick their nose/ and all that nasty stuff and laugh about it, but god forbid I burp just once and they cower in disgust.
When really pretty girls take a billion pictures of themselves and post them up on the net and complain about how ugly they are…Girl, your just fishing for compliments.

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Noticeable upper lip hair on girls isn’t very attractive.

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Hostility & bitchiness probably brought on by insecurity & lack of self worth. Negative vibes man, go away quickly!

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Major turn-offs in either sex:

• poor hygiene
• smoking
• racist, sexist, homophobic
• lack of common sense

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Long fingernails on men and longer than ½ inch on women. Also dirty fingernails. Dirty hair, bad breath, body odor and clothing that does not fit properly (i.e. belly hanging out, visible butt crack, whale tail, etc.)

If you look like you should be featured on the People of Walmart site, there is a good chance I will find you unattractive.

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Reading Ayn Rand, reading Dianetics, smoking, fake tans, and anti-feminism.

I’m male, by the way.

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Women who expect a man to be attracted to them no matter what they look like or how they act “because he should like me for my mind!” and then talk about how they only want to date rich guys and/or guys who live in the gym.

Also, fake tans.

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@diavolobella What’s a whale tail?

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@faye A whale tail is the visible top portion of a thong sticking up out of a person’s pants.

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@diavolobella so uncomfortable! I’ll have to impress my daughters with my new saying!

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If we’re talking appearance type things, bad hygiene is the worst! Bad breath or stinky pits is my personal most hated thing! Yucky! If we’re talking behavior, I hate the cocky types. You know, the ones who are better than you because they drive a ‘better’ car or have a cooler phone or what have you.

That’s not what makes you a better person. Selling your car to donate to charity or letting a less fortunate person borrow your phone to call his mother on mother’s day, now THAT makes you a better person!

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