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How do I tighten the ball head on my tripod?

Asked by podwarp (803points) April 8th, 2011

I’ve had one of these for… maybe two/three years now. It’s my first and only, so I’m not very familiar with the longevity of tripod heads (so this could be just old age and wear and tear) but the ball head came completely loose the other day. Even when I tighten the knob, the ball stays loose (I can’t get it to sit straight) and just comes off.

Anyone know a fix for this? Or, is it time for a new ball head? (or tripod..?)

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That is exactly the same as mine. The lever on the side of the ball joint should tighten it and hold it in place. I wish I could have a closer look. Is it completely screwed down onto the base?

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Yeah, I’ve been trying to tighten the lever, and as mush as I tighten it the ball just stays loose and it comes off the base (the legs..? not sure what the term is).

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