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Bath or shower?

Asked by filmfann (44461points) April 9th, 2011

Do you wash yourself by taking a shower or a bath? Baths can be relaxing, but sitting in dirty water seems counter productive. Standing in a shower can be nice, but sometimes you want to stay longer than you have hot water. Can you get really clean in a bath? Do you bathe, then shower off the filth? Do you have one of those showers with a place you can sit upright?
Inquiring minds want to know!

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How dirty do you think I am? I mean, maybe baths after a hard day of gardening, not so much, but a day at the office? I’m not exactly bringing clumps of dirt with me.

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I have no tub, so shower it is. Uses less water, too.

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I take showers when I just want to get up and get to work, I’m especially dirty from exercise or sports or I’m in a hurry. Baths are for relaxing, reading a book, chilling – more of a luxuriating experience or when it’s a really cold day. I’ve always wondered about why people object to baths on the basis of “sitting in dirty water” though. I mean, I take a bath or shower every day, so the water isn’t dirty or filthy.

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Shower, and quickly.

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But in a bath the soap scum just drifts around you, and doesn’t really wash away. I have taken baths and gotten grossed out at seeing the floating hair and dead skin on top of the water.
I have a bad back, and sometimes soaking in a hot tub is the only relief I can find, but I don’t use soap at that time.

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@filmfann Then you may want to exfoliate more regularly.

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You are supposed to wash yourself before you get in the tub.

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If I get in a tub, I have the water so hot I come out lobster red. That is what is needed to help my back, and it is hard on the skin.

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I like to take long hot showers, and I never seem to run out of hot water…

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I wish my salle de bain could accommodate more of a Japanese set-up where you have enough space to scrub yourself down, then soak in a tub, because I do find baths relaxing.

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At night, if I have time : Baths
In the morning to freshen up : Showers.

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I make bath and body products, so I treasure time to soak, when I can, so I can use the loofah and salt scrub and relax in the lovely weightlessness in the bath. I do ‘shower off’ after a bath, though. I might have to take a bath tonight to ease my brain. Sloughing off dead skin from my heels and feet will be a bi-product of an ancient ritual.

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I used to be a shower man but ever since I got a jacuzzi tub I wouldn’t trade it for anything. There is no filth factor either. If I used too much bubble bath I can rinse under the tap as the tub drains.

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I shower to clean and soak in a slightly warm plain tub to moisturize. So far I’ve not seen any grody stuff come off my body in the tub.

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I take showers. They’re faster. Well, I take a long time, but still, hectic life style demands and all that crap at least gives me the illusion that it’s fast haha. I do prefer baths though. They’re nice and relaxing, and I love putting most of my head under water ecxept my mouth and nose. Everything sounds awesome underwater, too. I mess around for like ten minutes tapping the inside of the tub and making rhythms and stuff.
It’s also hard to get out since it feels so nice, but when the water starts getting cold it gets less fun.
I don’t wash myself in the tub though. When I take a bath, I’ll have already taken a shower earlier, or will do so later. It’s for the relaxation thing, mostly. The only thing that sucks is that I’m too tall and my tub is small, so I’m all scrunched up in there and always have to switch different positions often.

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I like a shower if I need to get moving.
If I have more time,a bath is nice with bubbles,candles and a banjo.

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Shower. but if I had a jacuzzi like @Cruiser I’d be in it every minute I wasn’t at work.

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@lucillelucillelucille Banjo?...I much prefer the violin, lol!

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bath and a banjo….. that should be mandatory from now on!

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Shower when I just want to get clean. Bath (with partner usually) for a long soak, listening to music, candles, wine, bubbles).

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I cant live without my showers. The only way you can
find me relaxing in a tub of water is if it’s a jacuzzi.

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