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How do you prevent yourself from wasting hours on the internet?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 9th, 2011

I can spend hours on the internet, checking messages and email, on Facebook and Fluther, etc. I log off and then if I have nothing to do, like on a weekend morning, I’ll come back to it, to google something or just to kill more time.

How do you prevent yourself from wasting hours on the internet?

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Might be the wrong crowd to ask. :P

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Prevent? I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking about…

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@SavoirFaire – me either… I didn’t know I was supposed to prevent it!

Actually, what happens is that the sun finally comes out, which makes me want to go outside. Then, once I’ve had some fresh air, I can go inside and do other things. It’s just that it’s difficult to take that first step. Which is why I need sunshine to nudge me along.

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I’m a deer transfixed by the headlights…I know it’s coming but I can’t be bothered.
Funny you should ask, I’m already late for work and I’m here in Fluther. Tsk!

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Motivate yourself.
Set yourself a challenge that if you can stay away from the laptop/PC for a long period of time, then you’ll treat yourself.
Go out and have an ice cream, or stay at home and have a glass of wine in front of the T.V with your cats.
You could always throw in some chocolate in the scenario, any time. ; )

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Tell yourself you are not wasting hours on the internet. You’re doing what you want to do and enjoying what you’re doing. Tell yourself you are not hurting anyone by enjoying doing what you want to do. Personally, I tell myself I need to get a life.

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I avoid wasting hours at a time online by staying on Fluther!


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Hey! I do have a life you know! Do I deserve this question this early in the morning?! I have a life! I do! This is so not fair! Hu,hu,hu,hu…(sniff) Cant get my fingers off the keyboard…

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I surf while at work…I ride my recumbent bike with my lap top in front of me…and have my droid on line while soaking in the tub. No hours on line are ever wasted!

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@filmfann No, that totally counts! Time on Fluther isn’t time wasted. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself hour after hour, day after day.

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I used to rely on my wife to drag me away… until she also joined Fluther.

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@jerv Do you blame her? ; )

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I take long showers, and I watch TV and listen to radio

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I don’t turn on the computer. When I get on for something even as simple as checking my bank balance, I make sure I have to go on for several things, b/c I KNOW I will get distracted with tons of stuff. So I just don’t open the laptop unless I’m prepared to be there for a while.

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I agree with the crowd that said fluther.

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@mrrich724 It’s not quite that easy for those of us who have a smartphone. Considering that most people with cellphones (especially those of us who do not have landlines) always keep them on, Fluther is always only a few seconds away; no boot time required.

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When I find out I will let you know.

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I don’t have to. My office is right outside my boss’, and he sure helps in that regard. Dammit.

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I don’t. That’s the problem!

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Get a new hobby. Walk in the neighborhood/woods/city…those are the first things that come to mind.

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@jerv: that’s why I don’t want a smart phone – I know I will be on the internet obsessively.

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WTF? This is a trick question, isn’t it?

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@jerv I don’t count smart phones, otherwise I’m CONSTANTLY online. . . pretty much all day.

Oh wow. . . I think I could have gotten along better without realizing that! LOL

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Not very well. I downloaded a time management program though that tells me how I spent my time during the day/week. If I spend a lot of time procrastinating the evidence is there and reminds me of how much time I wasted. Other than that, I avoid logging into sites like Fluther when at work.

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other than job, snacks, sleep, TV, yard work: nothing.

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Wasting hours? What’s that? When I’m on line, I’m either learning, teaching, working, communicating, having fun…not wasting my time at all. But if you feel you are actually wasting time or killing time, then maybe you ought to look for stuff that you personally think is more worthy than spending time on the net. You probably need to work more, study more, socialize more, exercise more, do more stuff around the house, do some volunteer work….you name it…there is so much stuff to do other than being glued to your PC.

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No wasting done! Depends on the point of view, I guess.

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