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What is the best way to sell a car?

Asked by delta77 (196points) April 9th, 2011

Where should I post my car for sale on the internet? Ebay? Craigslist? Autotrader? Any thoughts about this and how to get the highest sales price for my car? Do you have any experience with the car private selling process?

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I don’t know if there is a CarMax near where you live, but you could try taking it there and getting a quote for it. The process is free, and you have seven days to make up your mind about what you want to do…

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I’d suggest Craigslist. With Craigslist, you basically get to hand pick the person who buys from you. You can meet them, talk to them and deal with them directly and at any time, you can simply not sell to them for whatever reason you want. You can set the price to what you want it to be as well.

I’d suggest going to Kelly Blue Book to figure out what your vehicle is worth. KBB is what most used dealers/bankers/loaners use to figure what a vehicle is worth.

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Every car I’ve sold was sold on Craigslist. As @Randy points out though, you should consult the KBB before deciding on a selling price and be sure to accurately adjust for vehicle condition. Bear in mind that you probably won’t get that much though; my experience is that private sale often gets only 50–75% of what a dealer would sell for. They can afford to keep a car on the lot for months until they get somebody to meet their price, but most private sellers want/need it gone quicker than that.

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As for getting the most money, make sure you have it clean (inside and out) and smelling good when people come to look at it. Depending upon how much you are trying to sell it for, consider getting it professionally detailed.

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I personally did some looking around about Carmax b/c I was considering them. Let’s just say I decided not to after reading a bunch of consistent sounding reviews.

I like Craigslist, I sold my motorcycle on Craigslist. So +1 on that.

Something else to consider would be that there are small dealerships that offer a service (sorry I forgot what it’s called), but they will display your car there and facilitate the sale for a small percentage. Yea, you pay a percentage, but usually people are willing to pay more for a vehicle in a car lot than off a guy on CL.

Good luck!

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Honestly. I don’t care where you sell it. Be completely honest about it.

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Two ways to make sure you and the buyer, of your car, will be happy.

1, Make sure there is no lien on your vehicle. Selling a liened vehicle is a felony in all states.

2. Attempt to correct any faults with your vehicle. I know, this is money out of your pocket. But, investing a little money in your auto could bring you a better cash sale, Clean your car inside out. Just pretend you are going car shopping and what do you expect to see in a for sale vehicle. Have the oil change and any other mechanical records available for inspection.

3, Let the buyer test drive your vehicle, but only if you are in the vehicle and the driver has a license. Check this out for your safety sake and the sake of your auto insurance in case he wrecks your vehicle.

4, Remind the buyer that your vehicle is being sold “as is” and there are no guarantees.

5. Tell the truth about your auto. If not, it could come back to haunt you.

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@john65pennington Regarding point #4, I always put that in writing on both copies of the bill of sale. Yes, I said both copies since it’s smart to keep one as proof that the buyer knew that was the case and agreed to buy anyways.

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newspaper ad?—post a picture too, and people can contact you by phone, and you can pick which people will offer the best price.

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All states have a different “As Is” policy. You can say that there is no warranty implied or otherwise, but most states have a monetary limit as to how much you can sell a car for with no repercussions to yourself AKA (The lemon law). Its best to find out what these laws are in your area. And sell accordingly.

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