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On the interstate and having to pee, what do you do?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) April 10th, 2011

At one time or another, we have all been faced with having to pee, while traveling 70+ mph on the interstate. You really, really, really have to go and the nearest exit is 5 miles away. The interstae is loaded with cars, so relieving yourself on the side of the road is out. What do you do next? Pee in a coffee cup? Pee in a can? Pee in your wifes pocketbook? What do you do?

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If I’m traveling 70+ mph on the interstate then I can do five miles. Been there and done that many times. If I’m stuck in traffic going nowhere, then I’ll stop and use the side of the road the best way I can (even if I’m just standing behind an open passenger side door on the right side of the road). Been there and done that, too.

Generally I try to plan a little better, though. These urges don’t come “from nowhere” after all.

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I have a functional bladder. I just hold it to the next services.

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If I am driving with a passenger,I’ll pull over and pee their pants! XD

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After an almost catastrophe, when a semi jack-knifed on the Mass Pike and tied up traffic for two hours, I now carry a wide-mouthed jar.

However, the portable urinals look less clumsy to use. I am tempted to purchase this for my next long trip.

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@WasCy: Sorry. I sent the generic site.There is a link to the ones for women.

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Well my dawg normally sits right there beside me, so…..........okay, maybe if she was thirsty huh? Moving right along here, nothing to see…..

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Yes, at 70 mph, I can hold it five more minutes. I was once stuck on an interstate for 16 hours. When I was finally able to get off at the exit, I did find the nearest restroom. Luckily I had gone right before I got on the interstate and about an hour into I made the decision to not drink anything until I knew we would be moving. Going without drinking anything was actually more difficult than not going to the bathroom.

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I’d like to hear that story, @tedibear. I’ve been stuck on an interstate for an hour or so at a time, but… 16 hours? I can’t imagine that I would even attempt that, with or without the potty break. And if the snow was that bad, then surely you could have some privacy.

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I was pulled over for speeding once, trying to rush to the next service station. The ticketing process was brutal, just sitting there trying not to pee my pants. After the officer gave me my ticket and said I was free to go, I asked him how far it was to the next rest area. He said about 15 miles….

-“ehh…can I ask your something?...Is it illegal to urinate on the side of the highway?”

-“Yes, yes it is.”

-“Ok well I was only speeding because I really have to go and I don’t think I can make it 15 miles…”

he surveys the area briefly
-“Alright look, I’m the only one on duty in this area, so after I pull away you can go ahead and pee and you should be alright”

And that was my $65 dollar pee.

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@WasCy – I just recalculated, it wasn’t 16 hours being stuck, it was 16 hours to get from Point A to Point B. 4 hours was actual driving, 12 hours stuck. I was going from Western NY home to Cleveland. Stopped before getting on I-90 to use the restroom and get a bottle of water. Got on in Fredonia, drove the hour-ish to the Pennsylvania line, paid my toll, went about 2(?) miles and came to a dead stop. (I can’t remember if I was past the first exit or not.) After the first hour I called the PA State Patrol to ask what was happening. The Interstate was closed because of ice. (Mind you, it was fine in NY.) They were making everyone get off the highway, go down to Route 20, go through PA and then you could get back onto 90 in Ohio.

About 8 hours in, I called the State Patrol again and got a very tired, cranky woman. I asked if she knew an estimated time to the exit or when the highway would be open again. She snapped, “I don’t really know. We’re not getting any updates and all I know is that it’s closed, okay?” Instead of being cranky back at her, I told her, “I’m really sorry people are blaming you for the highway being closed. I know you didn’t and I hope your evening gets better soon.” I could hear the relief and maybe tears in her voice when she said, “Thank you, people have been yelling at me all night.”

Good things: I had two crafts and a book to occupy me in the car so that I didn’t notice too badly that I wasn’t able to pee. I got to see some creative snow sculptures, including a snow phallus. Once I got off the highway, the first convenience store bathroom I came to was clean and had toilet paper.

Bad things: I was exhausted the next day at work. I almost got stuck in the slush and snow at the convenience store. And the 12 hours I’ll never get back!

I think the thing that annoyed me the most was that the NY state toll barrier people didn’t know that the interstate was closed in PA. Had they told me that, I would have turned around and gone back to my best friend’s house for the night!

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Please, I’ve held it for 40 miles before. That was the most relieving piss ever.

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I was a parts driver for a dealership, and there was a really bad accident where a truck carrying a pipe, lost it coming down the merge from another freeway. The accident happened two minutes from my exit, and I was five minutes away. I really needed to pee and started crying. I was stuck for 6 hours before I discovered a guy from a sanitation company was letting people use the Porto potties he had on his truck. That was the most painful ten minute walk I ever had. If it wasn’t for him, I would have been paying for a new interior of a truck. But it still didn’t help the fact that I was stuck on the freeway for a total of 10 hours while crews figured out how to move the pipe.

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Koolaid, great answer. john

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On a cross country trip with my son we pulled into a truck center in Pennsylvania, I think it was. Feeling a little worn down I thought I would try one of those energy drinks, in the big can. Wasn’t bad but after maybe 15 miles on down the highway it hit me with a stabbing pain in what felt like maybe kidneys. There was no where to get off and I was leaking a bit in agony. I saw a turn out next to the highway where some big rigs were parked and barreled on in to a dirt cleared out area and swung open the door so hard it bounced right back into be and the bottom fell out. I didn’t care who was looking. I’ve heard stories about truckers and their piss bombs so I was hoping nobody there would care. My kid was laughing his ass off looking at me, standing their for what felt like 5 minutes continuously. Those energy drinks are pure evil.

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