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Can you still get a tan using sunscreen?

Asked by caly420 (546points) April 20th, 2008


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Yes, but less severe. It is not a good idea to bake in the noonday sun (even with an effective block =<30, unless you are a mad dog or Englishman

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When using a sunscreen, your skin can still tan because all sunscreens allow some UV radiation to penetrate the skin.

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Absolutely. Sunscreens that block UVA + UVB rays are what you want – they block the sun’s aging and burning UV rays (hence A + B). You will still develop a tan with sunscreen, but slightly more slowly and without burning (if used properly). Be smart about when and for how long you stay in the sun. You’ll still get a nice golden summer tan, just start a bit earlier since it won’t happen as quickly with sunscreen. But, that’s the smartest way to go if you value your skin! SPF 30 is great.

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Generally speaking, the factor number of the SPF on the sunscreen refers to the amount you can multiply your sun-exposure with. For example, factor 10, should allow you to stay in the sun 10 times as long as with no sunscreen. Having said that, the sun is warm and you will wear off the sunscreen by sweating and it needs to be reapplied.

Although you should wear sunscreen to prevent burns…....there are those who believe some unprotected exposure is healthy…..–05-07-your-health-sun_x.htm

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yes look at me

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yes I do all the time. I wear sunblock everyday I plan on working outdoors and I do tan its slower and safer.

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Yes, you can get a tan with really any SPF sunscreen. SPF does not prevent tanning. It prevents your skin from burning. SPF 15 means if you burn in 10 minutes, the SPF will give you 150 minutes of protection. SPF 30 means if you burn in 10 minutes, you will have 300 minutes of protection approximately. The sunscreen should be applied hourly and you will tan just fine. I always use high SPF and it is never affected my tanning.

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The answer given by wildflower and sks485 is completely incorrect, though common. SPF is not a multiplier for time in the sun.

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