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Why do people not like the New York Yankees?

Asked by weeveeship (4665points) April 10th, 2011

This has been happening for a long time, even before A-Rod joined the team.

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People are just vehement about their allegiances to various teams, and will therefore dislike those teams’ major rivals.

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Even before A-Rod! You don’t have any idea. It’s been going on for more than a century, I bet. I know I was hating on them forty years ago. What’s not to hate? The best team money can buy. They cheat (by having more money). It seems like it’s too unfair.

And their fans can be such assholes. I was driving up to the GW bridge one afternoon when the game was letting out. The Sox had just beaten them. Now, NY drivers can be pretty bad, but I never saw anything like the road rage I saw that afternoon. Guy just cuts me off pulling in front of me from nowhere, and swears at me just because I have an out of state plate. I can’t imagine what he would have done if he knew I was a Red Sox fan.

Oddly, since the Sox finally got a series, I have become a fan of another team much like the Yankees. The Phillies are also one of those teams that can buy all the players they want. We now have four “Aces” on our pitching staff. How long can it be before people start hating us for our success? At least we still have a lot of home grown talent.

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@wundayatta : I love you even more now.

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It’s easy to hate the teams that win a lot.

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First, I think it is arrogant for any team to consider themselves “America’s Team”. I also don’t like the Dallas Cowboys for taking that stance.
Second, buying all the best players, and treating the rest of the league as a farm team is arrogant, and doesn’t speak to the real love of the game.
Third, how can you not hate George Steinbrenner? I’m glad he is dead.

I root for any team playing against the Yankees, the Dodgers, or the Steelers, or the Cowboys. Doesn’t mean a thing. My rooting doesn’t help the other team win, doesn’t hurt those teams chances. Who cares?

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@JilltheTooth I know you know that I love you like, well… someone very lovable, but you have to explain. Why did that post add to your love?

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The Red Sox, Darlin’. Ima lovin’ the Red Sox. And deeply vilified for that in many circles. <sigh>

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My nephew loves the Yankess regardless…. thought I am a diehard Red Sox fan… Go Boston!!!!!

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@JilltheTooth Is that one of those “South of Hartford” things?

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@wundayatta : Nah, one of those “I always love the underdogs” things.

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<——Huge Yankees fan
I love when people want to hate on us saying that we have the best team money can buy. As if other team’s players don’t get paid; they just do it for the love of the game. Right.
Yes we have a larger payroll than other teams. One would expect that from a team that is consistently in the playoffs. If you want your team to be able to afford higher paid players, then get off your asses and buy some tickets to your home games. That’s kind of how it works. We have the best team that the fan’s loyal ticket buying can buy.
making a mental list of all the haters here. none of you will ever get lurve from me again~

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I always knew there was something about that @breedmitch fellow! ;-P

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Well, I just figure that the Yankees don’t need me. The Red Sox, the Mets, the Cubbies, the Mariners, they all need me. I’ll miss the lurvin’, @breedmitch , but those other boys needs me so they gots me… ;-)

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I thought it was obvious: Because the Yankees suck! This year, the Red Sox seem to be sucking worse coming out of the starting gate, though. We’ll see how tonight’s game goes.

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Seems like tall poppy syndrome to me. As @breedmitch said, there’s really nothing surprising about there being money in baseball or that a team with such a deeply loyal fan base and consistent record of winning has the most cash at its disposal.

One side of my family is from New York and the other is from Boston, so I was raised to love both the Yankees and the Red Sox. My grandfathers always tried to win me over to one side, but my parents didn’t. It prevents me from feeling the rivalry as strongly as some do, I think. I root for both; and when they play each other, I can’t lose!

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Simple! Because were so damn awesome!

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There have been times when I didn’t like the Yankees winning all the time, such as 1977 & 1978, when they beat our poor Doyers in the World Serious two straight.

But when the Pirates won the Series in 1979, whatever dislike I had for the Bronx Bummers was gone.

I was actually happy when they beat the Atlanta Braves in 1996, but then I resumed getting annoyed at them winning all the time up until 2001.

I was overjoyed when the BoSox won it all in 2004, but then I also got tired of them consistently beating our poor Angels.

I just “dislike” dominant teams, unless they’re local.

Perhaps that’s an underlying reason for the animus that some people feel.
Perhaps some of them would feel less resentment towards the Yankees if there was a player salary cap, and the implementation of one might be a good idea.

Some idiots in Hell A think that we’re supposed to have a hatred of the SF Giants because of a historical rivalry that goes all the way back to NYC, and now there’s a manhunt for a couple of total fucking aholes that exemplify that animosity. These mindless sots tried to, and almost did kill a Giants fan who was at a game here about a week ago,

I hope they get caught, and are sentenced to life being chained under some seats in the bleachers at AT&T Park.

I hope so much that Bryan Stow makes a full recovery, and that McCourt does whatever he can to compensate him for this nightmare.

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I saw a statistic somewhere that counted the number of times each team had won the world series. The Yankees (don’t quote me on this) have won the series more than 30 times I think. The next closest team has won it less that ten times.

Enuf said.

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