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Would you avoid seeing a movie starring/directed by Mel Gibson?

Asked by atomicmonkey (1665points) April 10th, 2011

The cast & crew of “Hangover 2” apparently revolted against the idea of everyone’s favorite misogynistic anti semite Mel Gibson appearing in their movie. I personally have no compulsion to watch “The Beaver” due largely to his off-screen antics. BUT I would consider watching a movie directed by him if it looked okay (I quite liked “Apocalypto.”) Have recent(ish) events made you want to withdraw your support from all things Gibson?

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I didn’t care for Mel even before he revealed his douchiness.

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I think the only movie I’ve seen with Mel Gibson in it was “Chicken Run”. I would watch that movie again.

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Ya, Mel can be a dick, but he makes good movies.
I will see The Beaver, and will be interested in any movies he makes in the future.

BTW, it wasn’t “the cast & crew” that objected to Mad Mel, it was one actor. Apparently he put up enough stink to get Mel axed. This guy has been famous for like 15 minutes, as opposed to Mel, who has about 30 years. Personally, I think Mel would have been great as a tattoo artist.

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I would avoid it if it looked bad and received bad reviews from the people I check for reviews.

I try my best to not associate a person’s personal life with their profession. If a racist makes a legitimately good movie, I’ll enjoy the movie and that’s all there is to it for me.

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@filmfann yeah, I think that crusty character-type role would have suited him and I probably wouldn’t have felt anything one way or the other about him in that role. I guess my problem lies with being asked to identify with him when he’s playing a pathetic down & out type (as he seems to be in The Beaver.) For some reason, it just makes me not want to buy a ticket.
@Michael_Huntington I could still watch Mad Max without thinking anything of it. Same goes for any past project of his…. although if I came across “What Women Want” on TV or something, I would definitely watch that with a cynical eye. It’s just interesting to me that it has affected my interest in future acting projects of his especially.
...or perhaps it’s just The Beaver. And if he ‘behaves’ himself, will this aversion abate with time?

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I try my best to not associate a person’s personal life with their profession.
Good for you @kenmc ! I could list a lot of actors who have said or done questionable things racially, or have been abusive towards someone. That doesn’t mean they make bad movies.
I avoid Tom Cruise and John Travolta movies, true, but because their movies suck, rather than because of their religion, or the fact they are arrogant dicks

@atomicmonkey He made this movie before his current troubles. Does that make a difference?

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Have you guys seen Apocolypto? Gibson directed it, isn’t in it, and it’s fucking great.

@filmfann Exactly! I mean, Jimi Hendrix drank himself into suffocation, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be considered a great guitarist.

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Yes, I will not attend anything Gibson.

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@janbb Does that mean you will no longer watch The Road Warrior, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, Payback, or Apocalypto? Those are all great movies…

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I’ve never really like Mel Gibson at all. I’d avoid watching anything he took part in because I’d be wasting money.

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I never liked him all that much anyway, but now that I know he’s an anti-semitic dick, I won’t spend money on him anymore.

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If I stop watching or listening to things made by people that behave badly, I’m going to run out of stuff to watch and listen to. So, in short, no, I wouldn’t avoid it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think that Mel Gibson is a real douchebag.

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What, this guy is misogynist Nazi? Really? I didn’t know that. Since when? That certainly sucks.

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What Mel does in his personal life I don’t care. He is a good actor and good director, I would watch Mad Max, again and see Breave Heart which I haven’t seen, now any movie with Eminem, Marly Cyrus or Justin Bieber those are definately avoid at all cost.

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Nope. When I consume media, it’s b/c I think it is entertaining, not necessarily b/c I support the personal actions/beliefs of its creators.

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Mel is and has been an amazing contributor to movie making and acting. I enjoy most of the movies he has been part of in front of the camera and behind.

Very few superstars have been immune to stupid stuff off camera.

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I won’t watch anything he makes. I don’t want to give my money to support a person who is a bigot, a drunk and an abuser.

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I am impressed with Galifianakis for standing up for his beliefs and getting Gibson fired. He may be newer on the scene than Mel, but he is a man of the hour and I applaud him. I am a long time fan of Mel Gibson fan (The Year of Living Dangerously is one of my all time favorite films), but his behavior as of late disgusts me and whenever I watch any of his work – whether he be actor or director – I can’t get past that feeling. It will be a long time before I go out of my way to see any project he is involved in and for the time being I will go out of my way to avoid his stuff.

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I was a big time fan of Mel Gibson, especially his Lethal Weapon moives and The Year of Living Dangerously. But his latest antics have turned me off from him and I will not watch his movies now. I may get over this in a few years, but I think the way he treated the mother of his child and the way he talked to her shows he doesn’t respect women. We know he is antisemetic, a drunk and a cheater so maybe if he gets help for his issues I will re-access my feelings of watching his movies.

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Hey guys, where can I find info about what Mel divulged? I really didn’t know this. It’s a bit of a shock. I totally love Braveheart, but otherwise I don’t know much about him. Didn’t like Passion much. :/ I’m unfamiliar with the rest of his stuff…or these recent claims.

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@Symbeline – There’s a bunch of stuff on his Wiki page that links to articles about it. I thought you were joking up there! He really is a drunk, homophobic, anti-semitic dick.

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No, I really didn’t know. Thanks for the link. :) Do I even wanna see this or…XD

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The video won’t work in my region…but the text is there, reading it now. Plus the Wiki page. Wow…this guy is a real asshole, and also extremely immature in the stuff he says. Even most racists and misogynists at least try to justify themselves, no matter how poorly. What a prick. :(
I did know he was quite conceited, but godamn…

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I avoided him completely for quite a while, and I don’t know that I would be comfortable seeing him as an actor anymore, ever. If I were an actress, I’d refuse to work with him, too. However, I’ve gotten to the point that if he’s directing, and it’s good (Apocolypto), I’ll watch it.

He is off my list for good, though. And he used to be number one!

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Well, I do love Braveheart…I’ll keep watching that, but more for William Wallace than Mel Gibson, haha. This surely is a big disappointment.

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I have never been a huge Mel fan, but I used to love Braveheart. I have a hard time watching it now.

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I do have a tough time enjoying the work of a known douche. I can’t enjoy Road Warrior like I used to anymore. I don’t think I’ve bothered watching a Tom Cruise movie since he jumped on Oprah’s couch, called Matt Lauer ‘glib’, and wanted Katie Holmes to give a silent birth. I started thinking Mel was a bit off when he made The Passion, but wasn’t convinced he was anti-semitic until those cops pulled him over and he acted full-blown anti-semitic (I thought that chain of events was kind of funny actually). Then his movies took an ultra-violent bend, he started his own church, and he said the most psychotic rant maybe ever in the history of humans to his wife. So no, it’s difficult to see that guy and not find it distracting.

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Not in the slightest no. I couldn’t care less about an actors private life. If the movie entertains then that’s good enough for me. I’m selfish like that see.

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I thought Mel Gibson was great in Edge of Darkness though he isn’t usually an actor I care for. The Hangover featured Mike Tyson, which I was a bit uncomfortable with, given his record, so I think it is double standards refusing to work with Gibson because of his drunken antics especially given the subject matter of the film.

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@flutherother Oh, come on! Tyson just bit a man’s ear off, and went to jail for raping a woman!
How can you compare him to someone who is obviously worse, since Mel says awful things when he is drunk?~

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This is a great question: who is crazier, Tyson or Gibson? Obviously Tyson is more dangerous, but who is more insane? I think I might have to give the edge to Gibson. Tyson is a freak, but part of his crazy might have been an act (only part, mind you).

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