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Which movie are you most looking forward to seeing in 2012?

Asked by Rheto_Ric (1182points) February 4th, 2012

I work for Universal-NBC and the line-up for 2012 looks incredible. And I’ve also just been checking out the line-up at the Sundance Film Festival and got myself all excited about Spike Lee’s back-to-basics Red Hook Summer. What’s got you excited for 2012?

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I refuse to support the repulsive MPAA.
Edit: I meant mainstream American Hollywood movies. I’ll support Indie and Foreign movies.

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Prometheus and the The Dark Knight Rises

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I don’t have a tv so I don’t see commercials. And the last movie I saw in a theater was Finding Nemo.

So I have no idea what is coming out.

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@Lightlyseared pretty named the two I am looking forward to, though The Hunger Games also have piqued my interest.

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The Woman in Black I love scary movies (psychological thrillers, not horror) and Daniel Radcliffe looks so handsome, now that he’s a young adult. Plus I’m a sucker for British period pieces.

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The one about Robert Hansen…

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Hunger Games, although it’s getting overhyped which worries me. And The Hobbit of course.

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The Hobbit! Can’t wait.

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Perks of Being a Wallflower

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World War Z (It was filmed locally)

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I’m looking forward to the Hobbit. None of the other movie trailers I’ve seen so far have interested me.

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The Descendants.

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Wuthering Heights directed by Andrea Arnold
I’ve been waiting so long for this but I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed. At least it (supposedly) stays closer to the novel than other film adaptations have. Plus, the actors are closer to the correct ages. that said, far be it from me to quibble with Sir Laurence Olivier’s portrayal of Heathcliff..

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Expendables II
Anything Clint Eastwood has a part in creating
Lincoln as portrayed by Daniel Day Lewis

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The Woman In Black.

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@Earthgirl I didn’t even know there was a new Wuthering Heights coming down the pike. I recently rented and liked This One The dude who played Heathcliff was beautiful, but there was too much important information left out (from the book) and that it irritated me. Plus, in this version, although he was still pretty douchey, Heathcliff wasn’t as mean as he was in the book and I think they left out the whole bit about a certain someone digging up you know who for you know what (trying not to spoil the story), which was critical to the point of the story.

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I can not wait to see this :) :)

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Prometheus (That was easy!) and MISS BALA, and….. MACHINE GUN PREACHER :)

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Off the top of my head…

The Hobbit

Not sure about the other releases coming. Would have to do more reading to see if they appeal.

The Great Gatsby would appeal except it’s directed by Baz Luhrmann… and that worries me.

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Kardamom I haven’t seen that version but I did see the one with Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche right after I read the book and I didn’t like it at all. I am hoping thie new one is better. Andrea Arnold has a great reputation as a director and supposedly she was very concerned about being true to the book. We’ll see. The reason there is renewed interest in Wuthering Heights is that it is the favorite book of the character Bella, the main female protagonist in the Twilight series.

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@Earthgirl I didn’t know the Twilight connection. I’ve only seen the movies, haven’t read the books.

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Django Unchained comes out Christmas Day.
It’s the new Quenton Tarantino movie, with Will Smith as a former slave, now gunfighter.
Hey, it’s gotta be better than Wild Wild West.

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filmfann, isn’t it Jamie Foxx, not Will Smith? I can’t wait for this one either!

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I just saw Woman In Black and didn’t like it. Too gimicky for me.

I am looking forward to The Hunger Games only because I’ve read the book and I was surprised by how gripping it was. I hope they don’t trash it in the movie version.

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@Rheto_Ric I am shocked to see it recast, but I trust Tarantino. Thanks for the update.

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