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How much do you care about the way you dress up and how do you express it?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25921points) April 11th, 2011

It’s plain common sense that you dress properly for the occasion, whether going to work in an office or a construction site. But how much attention do you really give as to your clothes’ style, price and quality? Are you the type who is happier when you’re impeccably dressed or you just pay zero attention to it?

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I like clothes.:)

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I normally just chuck on something smart but casual. Although when the situation demands I do scrub up well.

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I am far from a clothes horse and hate to iron but do so anyway as I like to look good where ever I go or if I am in a hurry I just toss on a full body Tyvec suit.

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I care a lot. I like to be appropriate to the occasion but as nicely put together as possible. Price is an issue so I shop furiously for what I like most and choose items I’m sure I’ll get the most use from, foregoing patterns for solids, trendier colors for staples, that kind of thing. Quality is super important because I tend to pick styles I can wear for several years at a time and even plainer items of quality hold up better than some cheapo versions. I believe in finding brands that are consistent for quality of sewing, fit and keep current with color trends. After that, finding the best prices seems easier.

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Neither. I like to look nice, but I am not obsessed with clothes or fashion.

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While I appreciate those that can, I lack the ability to identify trendy styles and properly accessorize, so I’ve found a women’s clothes chain that offers quality, timeless items.

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m not going out in public in pajamas or sweats. When travelling on business, I’d dress in clothes that would be acceptable for whatever I might be stuck with should the suitcase be lost.

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If I had a reason to dress up, I would. Being a stay-at-home mom, I only visit the park and Walmart if I ever get out of the house, so I usually just wear jeans or capris with a tank-top, tshirt or sweatshirt depending on what time of year it is. If someone else doesn’t like it or wants to snub their nose at me, that’s their problem. ;)

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If I could, I wouldn’t wear ‘work clothes’ at all, it drives me insane to have to come up with ‘outfits’. In Russia, one was able to wear the same outfit for a week and no one would bat an eye. Here, it’s some kind of a crime to wear the same clothing twice in a row, which points to how ridiculous we are about consumption.

Generally, I like to wear jeans and keds and hoodies and men’s clothing, because it’s looser. As a gender non conforming person, I am told to wear men’s clothing which makes no sense and am questioned when I wear clothes deemed by others as feminine. So I suppose it does matter, to others, what I wear.

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I care about comfort the most, and how nice I look second. On special occasions I might care, but not generally. The problem is that when I really want to impress someone, I don’t know how.

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I dig the basic jeans and t-shirt look. Recently, I’ve discovered plain cotton t-shirts in different colors and find them to be insanely comfortable, so they’re my current preference. But linen shirts that button down but aren’t dressy are also fantastic.

As far as shoes go, I used to like Converse, but I broke down and bought a pair of knock-off motorcycle boots, and really dug them. They are surprisingly comfortable. And huaraches, too.

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I love to look good. i take pride in what I wear and how I look. I dont have to wear the expensive brands and what not. As long as i present myself well 99% of the time I’m happy.

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I care little to none about dressing up or portraying some sort of image. To me it is all farce, clothes say nothing about the true nature of the person. I like to skip the bullshit, so I dress comfortably.

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What I wear each day is very influenced by my mood. sometimes I really want to be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean sloppy. I never wear sweatsuits,especially not those matchy matchy velour things such as Juicy Couture. I rarely wear sneakers unless I am at the gym. What I do like to wear is layers. I have lots of knit shirts in colros, with interesting style details like embroidery or ruffles. I might layer over that a sweater, or a shrug, or a vest, or a jacket. The color combination is important. I really like arts and crafts colors like teal and eggplant and russet. William Morris type colors. After I choose my outfit for the day (I can’t choose the night before because it’s too dependant on mood) I choose complimentary jewelry. The jewelry and/or scarf completes it. It may sound like I spend a lot of effort but I really don’t. I just fill my closet with stuff that inspires me to dress up. On a special occasion I plan everything ahead more. I have to have it all worked out, hosiery, shoes, jewelry, etc. I think of clothing as self expression. My style tends to the bohemian look. It is not elitist or status conscious. I could buy something from Dolce and Gabbana (offprice of course) or Forever 21. It doesn’t matter the label, just the style and value. If I feel I am poorly dressed it makes me in a bit of a bad mood, I can’t help it, it’s that important to me. I don’t see any nobility in not caring as some people do. Recently I went to the funeral of a coworker. One of the people in my office wore a velour jogging suit. She knew the funeral was to be that day. Now you could say the importatnt thing was that she came and showed that she cared. I disagree. Dressing up for it would have been a sign of respect. It wouldn’t have taken that much effort.

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