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Do you use illustrated checks?

Asked by filmfann (44460points) April 11th, 2011

My wife likes using checks that are decorated with Betty Boop, Tinkerbell, Superman, and that kind of thing. It used to be kind of cute, since we were writing checks to the supermarket, or the shoe store, or Costco. Now days, we use a check card at those places, so the only people who see our checks are the banks or bill paying places we mail them to. What is the point of decorated checks, now? Do you use them? What character is on your check?

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I got Winnie the Pooh cheques when I first opened a chequing account. I thought they were cute. Now I just get the plain old cheap ones. I only use cheques for rent.

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I write about 3 cheques a month, and they’re of a series of impressionist paintings by Degas, Monet and Manet. I bought a stash about 6 years ago and I’m nowhere near running out.

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No, I use duplicate checks though.

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I used to have a little snowboarder on mine, but it didn’t seem worth the extra $5. Like @aprilsimnel, I maybe write 3/month. Probably less actually.

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I used the scenic checks (with pictures of lakes and oceans and beaches) up until the mid 80s. Then it seemed a little silly, I’ve only used the plain ones ever since.

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I’m still using the free cheques I received when I first opened my savings account.

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I use checks decorated with funny tikis. :-)

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So I go to the bank and asked them how much they would charge for simple, blank checks. Turns out they want 3 times as much as the designer checks.

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@filmfann – That’s ridiculous! I get the super cheap ones that just have my bank info printed on, and I fill in my own name and address.

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I use They’re cheap.

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What’s a check?

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I have Nightmare Before Christmas checks. :P

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I have my son dressed as cupid on my checks. I bought a gross of them from one of those cheap Internet check places. The last time I looked into it, our bank wanted like $40–50 for plain ol’ checks. I think I got a ridiculous amount for less than $30 online.

SIDENOTE: Thank goodness our credit union has great online services…we rarely use our checks now

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Some banks will give you free checks with certain types of accounts. I had Wachovia and got free checks, now that it’s Wells Fargo I’m not sure.

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I have hearts on my checks because my birthday is on Valentines Day so I think of the hearts as my little insignia.

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My hubby’s a banker and we get free cheques as long as they are the plain ones. I’m too cheap to pay extra for something that I’ll only look at for the time it takes for me to fill it out and hand it over.

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I haven’t seen illustrated cheques in many, many years, and I’ve never used them myself. I use one cheque a year, for the one company left that I deal which who won’t take a card payment over the phone.

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I used to, when all my bills were paid by paper. Now, we only take the free checks that come with the account, and all our payments are made by credit card, online, or, rarely, debit card.

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I use plain checks.

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In my younger years when I actually used checks I’d get ones with kitties on them.

Nowadays, for the one check per month that I write to my landlord, I just use the plain ones that come free with the acct.

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I rarely use cheques at all, but if I were to order new ones – I think I wouldn’t bother to make them special – as they would be momentarily viewed by the recipient, and then deposited – never to be seen again. The recipient, more than likely, being a bill collector.

Stamps make more sense, in that aspect – and I would customize them to send out birthday invitations, say, with my child’s photo. The envelope, or just the stamp, could be kept. Even if only for a little while. But cheques get deposited asap.

Now how’s about a “vanity” credit card? That’s something you keep and show daily.

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@seazen_ yes, I have a couple of vanity credit cards, chosen from an availability list

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I used to have Snoopy checks but now I just use plain.

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