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What makes a community a great place to live?

Asked by BarnacleBill (16083points) April 12th, 2011

What characteristics of a community make it a great place to live? Are the specifics of a neighborhood more important to you than the city or town in which it resides, or is the broader picture more important to you?

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So long as there is a pub within reasonable walking distance I’m happy, neutral ground for all those putting the world to rights debates, over a few jars….. :-/ a bit like ‘CHEERS’
but with bigger pint glasses….... ;-)

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For me it’s weather, access to the arts, low crime rates and an educated population.
(I’m older so jobs are not as important as they might be to others.)

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The people. You can have the most beautiful place in the world, with the best resources but if you have unfriendly or detached people around you, it isn’t a great community.

I love where I live now in terms of the space, wildlife, access to services and the like, but I wouldn’t call it a great community because none of the neighbours really interact. The best communities I have lived in were wonderful because of the interactions with the people around me. One of those was a street of terraced houses in a big city in a less than wealthy area, but the memories of the people and their care for me and my family has remained with me for many, many years.

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An efficient penal system? Got to keep the riff raff out of town :¬)

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I agree with @Mz_Lizzy – friendly faces and supportive neighbours can more than make up for a less attractive view, from what can become a lonely window!

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Restaurants, festivals, forest preserves, city parks and bike paths. We have some of the best of that overall mix of any towns I have lived in.

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Shops and restaurants and parks. Nice people who smile and interact.

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I am so lucky to live in one of the best:

Clean, well stocked grocery store
retail shopping nearby
neighbors who are compatible
good public services, such as trash, street lighting, road maintenance, low crime
good zoning laws
well performing schools
lots of trees
plenty of room to walk and bike
lots of park/undeveloped spaces

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