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Which capital city was your favorite to visit / live in?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) July 16th, 2010

It can be a national capital, state capital, province capital or any other form of capital city.

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my favorite living in would be Lusaka, since I was born and raised there. The visiting would be Italy-Rome and Florence, and also London, but I want to go again to London and experience!

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Thanks ma’am, I never heard of Lusaka. I will go to Google maps right now to look it up as I pride myself in my geography savvy. Thanks a ton for the totally unexpected answer. I am quite sure that you will have brought light to where there had been darkness in my international view. If you respond to my comment, I will provide my opinion of this city with pros and cons and also I will be game to talk about this city. Away I go and thanks for alerting me to this city. Off Hand I would guess Nigeria but that is before I did a thorough web search of this city.

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@Thesexier I was wrong it was Zambia.
That is one of the few African countries that I know less about.
Very cool answer.

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Frankfort, Ky has the Daniel Boone cemetary…..nice little drive when you have a new car. go farther to horse farms.

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@Kraken , it’s cool you thought it was Nigeria, I mean not many people know Zambia that much, because it actually isn’t that popular, only for gold miners and stuff.
But yeah, you are welcome:D

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Austin, Texas, of course. We’ve got the most beautiful capital building you ever saw.

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Honolulu or Vancouver (That’s the capital of B.C., right?)
The only other capital I’ve been to is Sacramento. That place is a hole.

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Country Capitals Visited – Rome, Vatican City, Paris, London, Washington DC (lived there). They were all wonderful in their own way.

I just counted and have been to 26 US state capitals. Charleston, SC, is probably my favorite.
@Austinlad – Austin is utterly delightful!

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Johannesburg and Athens.

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Paris would be my favourite capital city, but not my favourite place. I’d love to live in Paris for a year or two and immerse myself in city life there. Maybe someday!

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@Thesexier Used to be called Northern Rhodesia in colonial days?

I’ve visited many capital cities but only lived in one, Atlanta for a year and a half in the mid 80s.I was assigned to Georgia Tech as an ROTC instructor and to finish my engineering Masters degree. It was a well-run modern city, a bit weak culturally but an oasis of civilization compared to the surrounding countryside. Summers were hot and oppressively humid.

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Madison, WI was a fine town for uni. Albany, NY is quite non-descript, as is Ottawa, ONT.

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(@tinyfaery, No, it’s Victoria).

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@jjmah – I must have gone to the wrong places. :|

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@aprilsimnel I’m thinking, yeah. :(

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I lived in Ahlen Germany for 3 weeks and that was by far the coolest place I ever lived. I grew up in Chicago and back then it was an awesome place to live…not so much now. I like the town I am in as it is a nice place but I would rather be in the N. Carolina foothills. It is real pretty there.

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World city? Parissssssssss….ah…be still my heart! The history, the beauty, the perfumes, the chocolates, the ambience, the espresso, Laduree, Musee D’Orsay, the boutique hotels, Rue Cambon, the men, the bakeries, the <sigh> everything.

US city? Boston….the books, the culture, the history, the universities, the swanboats, the seafood, the rude waitresses that make me laugh, the Red Sox, the Isabella Gardner Museum, the people who aren’t friendly when they meet you——but when they warm up to you are amazingly lovely and genuine.

Tied with Austin, Texas—the boots, the music, the Drag, the music, the students, the cowboy hats, the alternative culture, the music, the Tex-Mex food, BookPeople, the music,
Kerby Lane Cafe, and the friendliest people on the planet

Boston and Austin! Hmm…that sounds rather nice. :)

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Either Nashville or Indianapolis.

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Well, i’ve visited many…working! My choice would be Austin, Tx. Austin is not like any other city in Texas. plus, they have Hippy Hollow! loll

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I’ve only lived in two, Denver and Sacramento (suburb) but I’ve visited Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, Boise, Santa Fe, Phoenix, and Atlanta. Out of all 50, I’d have to say Honolulu.

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Washington DC

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Ottawa, Ontario
Quebec, Quebec

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“I love that dirty water
‘Oh oh, Boston, you’re my home.”

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Washington D.C. (visit) and Lima (live for a while). Does NY NY count? It’s the capital of the world, as far as I’m concerned.

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I think I’d have to say Vancouver. I was gonna say Denver but it has a dirtier look to it and it’s more mundane. Vancouver was exciting.
@BoBo1946 Boo, Austin is way too hot and congested. Have you been on the highway at 5pm?? Never Again. A living nightmare. The food is wonderful there but it’s just not worth the craziness to me.

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@Thesexier And here I am a well studied man on Africa.

African culture is my favorite to study since it is least known to society.

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@Austinlad I have heard that Austin is one of the most interesting cities in Texas and I have seen Art Mann’s tour of some festival there on cable. I think the ladies went topless but I know that Austin is my favorite city in Texas since they seem to be the most progressive minded city in that huge state.

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@tinyfaery I heard that Sacramento is hood central to back up your theory that it is a hole with way too many gang bullshit going on there. Seriously, it’s like a Peter Pan with an Uzi paradise. Real adults don’t act like kids and honestly make livings.

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Funny you should say Honolulu.
My grandmother asked me if I had all the money I needed where would I live and I said about 100 miles away from Honolulu on the coast. You got all the amenities of society from the capital city but if you are far enough away you are in a tropical paradise of peace and serenity with landscape to explore and fall in love with and a Capital city to have a night life and all your shopping needs are covered too.

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@reijinni I lived in Nap town for 3 years, blech!
Downtown is OK around the White River area but besides the capital city it is an ocean of corn (depressing).

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@zenele Ny Ny is still the economic capital of the world.

To quote the Grateful Dead: NY has the ways and means….

Obscure quote but it jigsawed it’s way in perfectly there.

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@Kraken , aww thank you, that’s really sweet. No offense, but I hate it when white people-especially here in Iceland think that everyone in Africa is poor and they are dying from hunger. Just because the TV always shows the worst of everything. That’s were the people get their ideas. I hate it!

Most of the people never have time to even read a little about Africa, then they could see that not everyone is poor.

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@Thesexier Na, I never meant no harm. I am just very happy to meet someone from a city I know little about that extols so much about it. Your defense of your city means is is a really great place and that makes me happy.

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I was going to say the capital of Switzerland, since Switzerland is such a pretty place, but then i saw that it was Bern and i’m not sure if we ever went there…so i’m going to have to say Pretoria (capital of SA), the city where i grew up in and lived until a couple of months ago. I don’t think that i’ve been to any other capital cities before. Does NY have a capital? I DUNNO! I’ll just stick with Pretoria, but that’s only because i haven’t experienced other capitals before.

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@NaturallyMe I knew you would say this since this is the city your dad gets the best chocolate in the world from. Geez, I would like to try a Lintz chocolate bar with you but we eat at opposite ends till our mouths meet at the center….. Mmmmm Sweetie. Sounds like a good day to me!

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@Kraken – you don’t even like sweets! Or desserts? You’ll just have to give it all to me. :)

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@NaturallyMe I want you for dessert!!!!!!!

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@Kraken – are ya sure? I might lose you already at dinner time, when i lick my plate of all the delicious sauce still left on it.

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@NaturallyMe Get this, my Manicotti is to die for. I use the three tradittional cheeses – Parmesan, Ricotta, Mozzarella with as many fresh herbs as possible such as parsley, Oregano and Basil with two de-chalazized eggs ( I remove the Chalazas from the eggs) with assorted spices and then when the shells are ready I stuff them with the cheese and etc… mixture, add sauce accordingly and 45 mins. later I have an incredible baked pasta dish that rocks solid and this is just one thing that I do that rules the kitchen.

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@Kraken – quit making me hungry. I’m having home made burgers for dinner, and i use a chicken style crumbed soy patty with a mayo type sauce and chutney and lettuce and tomato, and it’s just the best burger ever. Mmmmm…..

Btw, i’m up to 350 in solingo, on easy, but nevermind, it’s my FIRST day! :D

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Girl…. Soy is nasty. Chickens aren’t mammals and I don’t eat mammals so I am a partial veg like you. Birds are not mammals so you go one step down on the food chain. Chickens live for 2 months and then they are food. You better stop eating eggs and milk chocolate and become a vegan or join me and become a non-mammal eater so we can enjoy the deliciousness of birds and fish. I am closer to you than you think. Now just take one little step forward on the carnivore scale and I swear to you that eating a rotisserie chicken is not only natural but enjoyable. They’re fricking dumb stupid birds!!!
I feel weird eating a mammal due to how they resemble us and that grosses me out but with birds. It’s silly. They’re fricking birds! Brock Brock Brock – You’re dinner clucky!

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@Kraken – yes dearest, i was expecting this chicken-doesn’t-count-as-real-meat speech from you again. :P You should know by now that you’re not gonna sway me on this one. :)

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Lucca is the province capital, and it was fun to live in. The most exciting capital that I’ve visited, though, was Rome.

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I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada… and I love it here. I wouldn’t mind staying here my whole life (if I can afford to and it’s realistic for me to stay here). Then again, I am not overly picky as long as I am comfortable. If I moved somewhere else, I’d probably make the best of it and end up finding things to like about that place, too.

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I loved living in Denver in the 1950’s. The sky was clear, there was a major rodeo every year, the museums, library and zoo were top of the line, and public transportation would take us anywhere we needed to go.

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