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Where do you Fluther when you probably shouldn't?

Asked by XOIIO (18288points) April 12th, 2011

Being a Fluther addict, I try to check up as much as I can. Where are some of the places that you check up on Fluther when you should be doing something else/putting off work, or just a weird place to do so?

Asking from my schools computer lab XD

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Gosh….where don’t I fluther now! Droid lets me mingle with the Jellies anywhere and everywhere…even in the hot tub!

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My bathtub. I Fluther from the tub all the time.

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I’ll admit, I actually fluthered an answer while at a stop light…...

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In the bedroom doing the sideways polka.

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@erichw1504 lol

btw, nice profile pic XD

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@XOIIO Thanks. That’s how I look when stuffing my face with Doritos.

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Well sometimes in school, but that’s usually in my free periods anyways.

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The tub.

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While I’m on the potty. And in class.

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In General.

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At a funeral.

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Lmao XD

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I always check Fluther from work.

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