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Are tires from Costco going to be much cheaper than an auto dealer?

Asked by jca (36002points) April 12th, 2011

My auto dealer has a special now: buy 3 tires, get 1 free. Costco has a similar sale. It would be easier to buy them from the dealer, and get an alignment at the same time. I am wondering if anybody knows if Costco’s tires are a lot cheaper than buying them from a car dealer.

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Don’t know your specifics. Hope this link helps.

It was cheaper for us in the past, but that was in Hawaii. Things tend to be more expensive there anyway and the tires were for a sports car.

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I would suggest calling both places and getting prices at both places for the same or similar tire, also ask how much it is to have them mounted as well. Sometimes the Clubs have specials as well when buying 4 tires, I know bj’s did. They were cheaper than at the dealership who was also having a special.

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The last time I bought tires, I shopped around and a local dealer had much cheaper prices on much better tires because there were only a few left of these about to be discontinued Bridgestone. Write down the size you need and call around. Costco wasn’t even close to matching tire shop prices here.

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Than an auto dealer, probably. Than other tire stores, possibly. Shop around.

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I bought my tires from Costco. I bought snow tires a few years ago and all-seasons a couple of years ago. They’ll change my tires from one set to the other for about $40-ish, and my tires aren’t on rims.

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I hope you do understand why auto tires are cheaper at WalMart and Costco. These stores are looking to make money on tires. How do they do this? Chain stores have their own specifications for the tires they sell. Sure, the price is cheaper at these store, but what you are buying is not the same tire purchased from a tire dealer.

I would only buy auto tires from a tire dealer.

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Around here (Seattle area), Costco is one of the spendier options for tires. Also, they do not know tires or tires sizes, or at least the one near me doesn’t. Hell, I wouldn’t even trust them to check the air in my tires after the last time I checked there while shopping around.

Often times, a dedicated tire store will run similar deals or have such a price difference that buying four at the normal price costs less than three at Costco. However, not all of them can do a full alignment.

I generally avoid dealerships since I have never found a good deal there. I got my tires from a tire dealer and had my alignment done elsewhere. Not quite as convenient, but considerably less expensive.

@john65pennington Precisely right, but how many people even know anything about tires aside from price? Yes, they are round and rubber, but many have a wear rating of 300 or less (they won’t last long), a traction rating of B which makes them dangerous on anything other than smooth, dry asphalt (this includes wet asphalt, any concrete, and pretty much anything else), or have some other defect that makes them an accident waiting to happen. But who cares; they were only $39.95 installed! (Not balanced, just mounted.)

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I have been buying tires for all my 3 vehicles from Costco for the past 15 years… you will not regret it at all! Their tires are the same as any over-priced tire dealer and Costco will do free rotation and check them anytime you need to. They stand behind the customer 100%; I can say that for a fact. Buy from them.. you will have NO regrets.. believe me! :)

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