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How can I lose weight in a short period of time?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 13th, 2011

I was just given a new role in the opera and it requires me to lose at least 15 pounds. I’m a vegetarian, so I can’t really diet without cutting essential nutrients out. And I don’t drink anything besides tea and water. I don’t really have enough time to exercise anymore either. Are there any supplements or easy tricks that can help me shed a few pounds?

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Not in a healthy way.

A healthy weight loss regiment should have you shedding no more than 2# per week.

Tell they opera they can go suck an egg if they’re willing to jeopardize your health.

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It sounds to me like you’re already doing all the right things. I gotta second @missafantastico here, this might just be an unreasonable request.

Especially be careful about dieting techniques right before giving blood!!

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I am going to assume they are not asking you to lose weight that would leave you below a “normal” weight for you. Meaning, they are not asking you to be dangerously thin.

What I would suggest is to count calories. It really is about calories in the end. It is a math problem. If you figure out the weight you want to be, thereis a specific amount of calories that lead to that weight, regardless of your height, etc. I can dig up the calculation if you want. Your other choice is to figure out how many calories you eat, and reduce what you are eating. Approximately 3500 calories a week is 1 pound. So, if you eat 500 calories less a day, you will lose 1 pound a week. Although, the first week you would likely lose 2 pounds because just by cuttng food you reduce sodium, so you will lose water. If you cut back a little on salty foods, you will lose another few pounds of water. BUT, salts are important for your body, for your heart, so do not do anything too extreme.

Being vegetarian certainly does not mean you eat healthy or low calorie necessaily. I will assume you are lacto-ovo since you did not write vegan, and dairy foods have a ton of fat and calories. Obviously pastas, and other starches are high calorie also.

You said you did not want to add more exercising, but maybe do little things like parking farther away from the entrance door of the supermarket and work, and climb stairs rather than using elevators.

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Cut out the junk food (if you eat any), and you’re going to have to exercise in order to lose weight, even if it’s only for 30 minutes a day.

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Figure out your calories per day at 1500 to 1800 a day. A diet like that will let you drop a pound and a half a week. It is tough if you are a vegetarian.

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Do what I did. I had a very busy month and was gaining weight so for 15–20 min you need to just run, and do it extremly fast don’t stop and drink as much water as you can after. It was really hard for me, many times I ended my workout feeling like i was going to barf but in a week I lost around 13 lbs. Different types of runs you could do are hill sprints, half mile run with long bursts of speed along the way and then just a straight 15min run non-stop. It’s really hard but works :/

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@JonnyCeltics That sounds a little messy.

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When you are already eating healthy foods, such as lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, drinking lots of water, the only thing left is to increase the amount of exercise you are getting. I suggest you add bicycling, swimming or fast walking.

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Would losing the weight be good for you if did NOT have an opera role in mind?
Lots of water, fruits and raw veggies, a little protein.
Fasting 1 day at a time.
Just don’t think about eating.
Tell your doctor you’re doing this. He/she may have some suggestions.
What role are you being offered?

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@Sunny2 Yeah, I’m in the need of a little weight loss.
Fasting 1 day at a time? Like not eating for a day?
I’m actually being offered a role in an original opera, and the lead character is a ballerina, so I need to get skinnnnnnnyyyy.

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What about that Chinese skinny tea that makes you poop your brains out to lose weight?

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@WillWorkForChocolate This may be too much info, but I definitely don’t need that!!!!

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Well alrighty then, LOL.

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Oooh Oooh!!! I know! Is there anywhere near you that does colonics? I’ve heard that having a colonic done will cause immediate weight loss. I don’t know about 15 lbs, but it should help.

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Max out on fiber. If you order rice, make it brown.
Get your protein from egg whites, soy products, and non-fat milk.
Stop consuming any other dairy products.

I know you’re already drinking water, but if you aren’t already, carry water with you wherever you go, and drink it frequently.

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Please make sure that whatever you do, you do it healthily! You’re already a slim girl from what I can tell, and losing that much weight in a short time can be bad for you. Have you thought about maybe losing less than 15lbs and investing in a Spanx bodysuit, or something along those lines? Just don’t make yourself sick!

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Try the South Beach diet plan. Follow faithfully and you will lose weight in one week. It worked for me and most of my friends. The only downside for me was after a month I always find myself unable to control going back to eating stuff I like, so I gained in a much quicker pace what I lost. Also, while in Fluther maybe you can do some jumping jacks or stretches. Do it!

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Don’t worry, I’m not making myself sick.

@mazingerz88 I’ll definitely be doing some Navy Seals workouts while I’m Fluthering!

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If you get into low carb, that takes weight off fast. I used to be on a diet called the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet, which is low carb but you can eat carbs one meal per day, limited quantities. Or do no carbs (or limited carbs) – limited rice, bread, pasta and potatoes, and stuff like ketchup, barbecue sauce, and limited high sugar veggies like peas, corn, beets and carrots.

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@jca That’s a good one right there. I’m ADDICTED to carbs.

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I would eat smaller potions, but more frequently. Like 6+ snack sized meals a day and plenty of fluids. I believe grapefruit juice also increases you metabolism. And be as active as you can be.

Or there’s this.

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Something doesn’t seem right here. How soon do you need to lose this weight? That’s quite a bit for a short time period.

Here’s what Natalie Portman did to lose 20 lbs for Black Swan

I have a feeling you won’t have the same paycheck as Portman. Is it worth it?

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The HCG Diet is one of the fastest ways to loose weight. Go on YouTube, and you’ll find many sites on this diet. Many success stories, but it’s also a very hard diet to follow. Good Luck!

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I would go with @jca‘s suggestion. Drink lots of water though and perhaps green tea. It is supposed to increase your metabolism.

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Just wanted to come back to say that I wouldn’t lose that much weight in that short of time for a role unless it was paying very well or going to jump start my career. It’s really not healthy. what you could do is just start exercising to be healthy, rather than to lose weight.

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@KatetheGreat Yes, Fast for a day. Be sure to drink lots of non calorie fluids. Eat the next day, but less than normal. And if, as you said, carbs are a problem, don’t eat them. Do this say, every 4 days or so, whatever you can tolerate. It doesn’t hurt you to miss a day of meals now and then, But it is a challenge, since we’re so addicted to eating.

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Perhaps you can research how actor Emile Hirsch did it for the movie ‘Into the Wild’

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I guess it would also depend on how much you want to lose and in what time period. I see it’s at least 15 lbs Does it have to be really quickly? There’s “achievable” and “unreasonable.” Also, how easy it will be might also depend on your present weight. I think if you’re a little heavy it might come off easier in the beginning than it would come off a person who is already skinny.

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