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What is a good character metaphor?

Asked by Quinnk123 (201points) April 13th, 2011

What is a good metaphor that represents the character Beneatha in the play A Raisin in the Sun? An example of something I would need would be “Walter is an earthquake-shattering thier dreams.”
Please help!

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Is this a homework question?

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Sounds like it…

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no its not a homework quetsion its for a scrapbook me and my friend are making about our high school years. We are taking every book we read at our high school and making a character page with a metaphor for each of them

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That strains my believer.

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Do some brainstorming. Make a list of random things the character reminds you of and then narrow it down to the best ones. If you can come up with an explanation for it then you’ll do fine on your homework scrapbook.

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Beneatha has a noble carriage that belies her circumstances.

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