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What is the most unconventional cartoon character that you had a sexual attraction to?

Asked by ragingloli (52031points) November 24th, 2013

I will not judge you.
and do not bother trying to claim that there is none, I know you are lying

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Not sure about the “unconventional” part but I had a mad crush a long time ago on Veronica from Archie Comics.

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Miss Capitalist.

Now go ahead and judge me.

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He’s more of an animated character than a cartoon, but I always had the hots for Aladdin. Still do, in fact. That’s probably not too unconventional, though. What can I say? I’m boring.

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Lady Jaye from GI Joe. Seriously, hot as F*ck.

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Rabbit, from Winnie the Pooh

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^^ Ha! I love the scene in which Winnie the Pooh comes over to Rabbit’s house and eats all his honey. He gets so fat, that he can’t squeeze back out the door (or rather rabbit hole) so Rabbit has to live with Winnie the Pooh’s butt in his house. So at one point, Rabbit tries to make Winnie the Pooh’s backside look a decorative trophy head of a moose or a deer, and he starts to draw a face, but because he’s tickling that silly old bear, the smile gets drawn all squiggly.

I love Rabbit. He’s such a curmudgeon.

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^Crabby ass tightwad Rabbit get’s what’s coming to him:

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Cleo from Heathcliff was hot. I was 8 or 9 when I watched that show.

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I liked that gal from Roger rabbit. J—course she was intentionally sexuallized.

I also loved Aladdin. But I liked the genie and jasamine too. They were all hot and troubled and passionate and adventuorous risk takers. So lll21 we are boring together.

Batman who can resist a athletic loaded intelligent man of mystery with a deep voice and black clothes and gadgets galore. Beyond that a hero.

But those are all very conventional…. Hmm…

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Lady from Lady and the Tramp. It was just such a touching love story I couldn’t help myself.

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I never got into anyone particularly furry, unless you count Vegeta during certain times of the month. That guy got my motor running.

As a very young child, I was desperately in love with Donatello the Ninja Turtle. He was a scientist, had a time machine… what can I say?

I think I know you better than that, @ragingloli. And you will judge us mercilessly.

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No cartoon characters here, but I did have a huge crush on Wesley Crusher as a child.

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Second pick for Vegita. And that was as a teen, didn’t know about that show as a kid. I also really, really loved Nephrite off of Sailormoon. I was like, stupid Naru, fuck out the way I wanna get taken out for a chocolate parfait.

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Bugs Bunny in drag.

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Jason/Dirk from Battle of the Planets/G-Force. It was the first Anime I ever saw, and it was to be at least 15 years more before I saw another, or even knew what Anime was.

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Oh, from Sailormoon, it was all about Rei Hino for me.

(And yes, the anime years were teen years. I was about five the first time I said I was going to marry Donatello, though.)

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“C-cause you gawt purdy eyes and…a purdy dress.”

-Elvis Crow

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Rei was probably my favorite senshi, along with Hotaru, although I wasn’t aware that Rei used a sword, heh. Did you ever read the mangas? I got em all, Rei has two pet ravens in there, like Odin. I think they were in the show like once, then you never saw em again.

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Simba. Don’t judge me lol. That was one sexy lion. Him and Max from the first Goofy Movie.

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Hmm. I don’t think I ever got aroused by a cartoon character but I had a few favorites.

Of course, I tend to pull for the underdog so Bullwinkel, the Moose was one of my favorites, along with Wile E. Coyote;)

Bugs Bunny always cracked me up too.

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Born again coyote, lol!

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Yeah, even cartoon characters cannot go very long without a raison d’ĂȘtre.

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