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What would you eat more of if cost were not a factor?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) April 13th, 2011

I was eating a pomello last night, and imagined having one every day. But they’re expensive so, that’s probably not going to happen.

That got me to thinking about what I would eat if money were no object – fresh herbs, more fish, artisan cheeses, more berries…

What you eat more of if the cost wasn’t a factor?

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Probably not. I don’t eat much as it is and if I want something I will buy it.

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Cheese. The double or triple cream variety.

Then I’d lament that unfortunately it will make me fatter.

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Tiramisu…...That shit has 1,000 calories per serving, but it’s like an orgasm in the mouth.

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Pomegranate juice
Fresh fish
Organic farm vegies & fruits
Grass fed organic meats

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Steak and seafood.

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Money is a factor, that is why we try to eat only organic and grass-fed here. We can’t afford more doctor bills.

I guess if money were no object, I’d have grass-fed tenderloin/Filet Mignon more often

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portobello mushrooms
filet mignon

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Where’s ucme? He know what I’m talkin’ about

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@Michael_Huntington Hahahahahaha, I see what you did there.

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What @Jeruba said.

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I’d probably want a lot of dill pickles and donuts. Or as I’d like to call them, dill do(nut)s.
This thread is off the hook, yo!

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The superb coffee beans from the roaster near my work. $15/lb, yikes!

I buy them when I am feeling flush, and it really is a lot better than any other coffee I know.

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Lobster, lobster, and more lobster.
Crab legs, crab legs, and more crab legs.

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Scotch…. Cragganmore

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Döner Kebab.

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I’d eat sushi every day.

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More seafood.

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@ragingloli Döner Kebab

If you visit Chicago, try the gyros. Similar. Maybe identical to Döner Kebab.

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King Crab, Lobster and Kobe beef.

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I pay a hell of a lot for honey crisp apples, I really wish they were cheaper. One store charges $4.99 a pound, that’s just too much, I won’t spend that much. I resent it, because I am pretty sure they are making a huge profit. I have a hard time believing it is that much more expensive to grow a honey crisp than a gala or a pink lady.

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@JLeslie I LOVE lamb! Good choice! Yum!

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Maine lobster.

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King crab legs and lobster. But only if someone else is cooking them.

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Yummy all right, @ratboy—but prohibitively expensive?

Bring on the neeps and tatties.

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Shit – ake mushrooms!
@Michael_Huntington That delight comes for free, depending on the girl/establishment :¬)

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Seafood, and lots of it! Lobstah’, swoardfish, crab, you name it!

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I would only eat more expensive food, but not eat more.

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Also, kangaroo.

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@Mamradpivo, bison burgers are fabulous.

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@Mamradpivo I can kind of understand the buffalo, but kangaroos? Really? People who eat kangaroos lead joeyless lives.

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