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Where's the cheapest places in San Francisco to eat?

Asked by Sampson (3558points) December 26th, 2009

I apologize if this has been asked already, but I’m hungry and searching is a pain in the butt.

I’m on a very restricted budget (around 5 to 8$ to spend on a meal) and I need some food. Any kind of food is fine.

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You could eat at [insert fast food chain].

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If you can’t cook for yourself (for $5–8 you can buy enough pasta/sauce/etc. to make multiple meals), then I would suggest going to the mission and finding a taqueria for a filling $5–6 burrito.

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@J0E That’s a surprisingly expensive option…

@shilolo I don’t have a range top where I’m staying. I do have a microwave and a toaster oven…

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@Sampson Dude, work the dollar menu and don’t buy a drink. I do it all the time.

also, try frozen pizzas, I think they work with microwaves.

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By far the cheapest is the dumpsters behind the best restaurants!

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@Futomara hahaha now help me.

I have no time for frivolities.

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Find a Sam’s Club and eat their free samples.

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@Sampson Where in the city are you located? You want somewhere local I assume (to save the bus fare or the long walk).

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You know the saying about teaching a man to fish? Well, find a Wal-Mart and buy a fishing pole, then walk your ass down to the wharf and never be hungry again.

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Try La Corneta Taqueria. I’ve eaten there, and it’s pretty good. You could also go to Trader Joe’s (there are two nearby, in SOMA and Lakeside) and find a ton of cheap frozen menu items that are filling and healthy and can be heated in the microwave.

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Cancun taqueria at 19th and mission is my favorite. $3 super tacos and massive burritos are not much more. You could also go up to Chinatown and do take out dim sum on stockton street, and pick up some really cheap produce while you are there.

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@emma193 I actually ate at Cancun around lunch-time on the day I asked this question.

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You could check out The Episcopal Sanctuary. It’s a homeless shelter. You can also call 211 to be connected to food banks where you can get free food. I found that out from this site which has other useful pointers, including farmer’s markets for low-cost produce.

Otherwise, the dollar menu at most fast food joints can be a useful survival tool.

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If you have a fridge you could get stuff for sandwiches. A bag of rolls and some meat and cheese is pretty cheap and will last for a few days. Baked potatoes are super cheap and can be made in a microwave.

You could save up for a few days for the twenty bucks needed to buy a rice cooker. You can make pasta in it too.

And if you scrimp for a few days that is just more you have to spend on other days. Say for if you want to go out to dinner with friends.

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