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Do you feel expensive shampoo is worth the money? What kind of shampoo do you use?

Asked by jca (36025points) April 15th, 2011

Do you think expensive shampoo is worth the money?

What kind of shampoo do you use?

I thought of this question when I read the question asking how old were you when you started covering your grays?

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I use plain old Tresemme! It makes my hair smell and feel great.

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I switch between Tresemme and Balea (a Canadian store brand). They both smell goooooood and don’t weigh down my hair.

In other words, I use the cheap stuff.

I should clarify that my hair is fine but thick (there’s a lot of it) and super straight.

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I think it depends on your hair and on the shampoo itself. I have super coarse, thick, curly hair and I need shampoos and conditioners that are tailored for coarse, dry hair. I love Biolage, Redken and Nexxus hair products. They seem to treat my hair the best.

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I dont have enough hair to justify shampoo. I just use the face stuff for my scalp. Admitedly the face stuff is quite expensive but it does smell very nice

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I’ve found Aussie works best for my hair, especially the conditioner. I can handle $3 per bottle.

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no way…best thing for hair seems to be leave it alone as much as possible and if it gets damaged by sun/sea and such slap on some olive oil and leave for ten mins then wash out. Might be a bit greasy after first wash but does wonders and costs way less than fancy stuff and conditioner is all basically perfumed grease for your hair. Also good stuff can be done with everyday plants like nettles and brambles if you can be bothered to stew em up.

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My mother in law runs a salon, so I get the high quality expensive stuff frequently as a gift. It’s nice… but it doesn’t seem to make any difference from the usual 65cents per bottle VO5 that I purchase for myself.

I don’t think the price has any bearing, but more so finding a shampoo and/or conditioner that work well for your hair type.

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I switch around a lot. I’ve been using Suave Professionals. Sometimes I use Kids’ Shampoo plus Conditioner. I’m very happy with my hair ; no complaints. with my hair, that is.
I knew a man who married a woman from Italy. He claimed that in their 20+ year marriage she never washed her hair but just ran olive oil through it. I’m trying to believe this.

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@Aster that is apparently growing in popularity, particularly among women with very coarse or very curly hair. Just rinsing with water, no shampoo.. and natural oils if it needs additional conditioning.

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I love Bed Head products and am always safe with Paul Mitchell too.

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I have been happy with Tresemme in the past and would use it again.

However, I have a friend who is a stylist who buys things from the supply store for me at. Halo is expensive (about $25 for a large bottle before markup), but it is awesome. 1 bottle of shampoo and conditioner last a little over a year – I have found a little goes a long way in comparison to less expensive brands I have tried.

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Shit! I forgot to buy shampoo again today! We’ve been using liquid body wash for three days!
I buy the cheapest stuff I can find. I get lots of compliments on my hair.

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I’ve found (over 4 decades of personal research) that any shampoo is fine, it’s the conditioner that makes a difference. I use the cheapest shampoo I can find, but I spend a little more on quality conditioner.

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The cheaper, the better. Look at the first ingredient in shampoo. The first ingredient is H2O, water.

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@ANef_is_Enuf that is true, I know girls out here who do that because the shampoo dries out the hair bad.

I personally use mane n tail. I have thick coarse curly hair, and it doesn’t dry my hair out too bad. But conditioner is another story. I have to spend money on that.

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Infusium was the product of choice when my hair was long and chemically treated. It’s now short and natural, and the cheaper products work just fine. If tempted to try a new product, I’ll smell it first. Some are too perfumed and one or two have a ghastly odor.

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My momma raised me the same way. Shampoo is just glorified soap, after all, but conditioner can make all the difference. I use Alberto VO5 primarily, because it’s so cheap, but for conditioner, I go apeshit crazy at the semi-annual sale at Bath and Body Works. Their conditioner is ridiculously awesome and at their sales, everything is buy x and get x free.

@GoJessGo: Paul Mitchell is 100% cruelty-free. :) If it was available in my local drugstore, I would definitely buy it.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I buy VO5 when we are really broke and I need to bust out the change, but where do you get it for .65? Cheapest I can find in .99cents. The stuff works just as well as anything else. imo =)

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I shave my head, so I guess my brand must be Wash & gone!

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I recently bought some high end shampoo from my salon, and two things I noticed about it (and have noticed with previous “salon” brands I’ve purchased): the scent is not as perfume-y and sweet as cheaper brands, so the nice thing, for me, is not smelling like “tropical rain” or something like that. Another thing about it is that it’s quite thick. The conditioner was so thick that when I got to the bottom of the bottle, it was so thick that it would not come out, even shaking the bottle upside down. I had to add some water to it and shake it to get the last of it out.

I usually have a few bottles of shampoo and conditioner going at a time, and I switch it up as the mood strikes. I normally buy what’s on sale at Costco, Walmart or the supermarket. I try to buy shampoo for color treated hair, because that’s what I have, and I usually don’t go for a scent that’s too sweet and perfume-y. I also found the Whole Foods 365 brand was nice (lavender scent) and well priced at like 32 oz for about $4. A hairdresser told me once it’s good to use Neutrogena shampoo every so often to strip the hair of buildup from other shampoos and hair sprays and product.

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Yes, if it works well for your hair type. I am a big fan of Paul Mitchell products for my fine, wavy, occasionally frizzy hair, but I am on a budget so I only buy it occasionally as a treat for myself. Most of the time I will use drugstore shampoos because they’re more affordable, even if they don’t work as well. If I could afford to get the Paul Mitchell all the time, I would. Sometimes it is worthwhile to spend a little more money to get a more effective product.

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I use plain unscented products as much as possible. For shampoo, I use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. Ivory Soap. Free 7 Clear laundry detergent. If I wanted to be really green and free and clear, I could go even further. If all these products didn’t exist, we could all easily get by with just baking soda and white vinegar for all our cleaning needs.

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