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What happens when there are no descendents left to pay for cemetery plot maintenance?

Asked by jca (36002points) April 15th, 2011

I went with a friend of mine to visit her deceased parents’ gravesites. She told me that she paid years ago $500 and the interest from that pays for the monthly maintenance of the ground around the plot. She said the alternative would have been to pay on a monthly basis. I asked her what would happen if there were no relatives surviving that could pay that? She said “there would have to be somebody that could pay it.”

Obviously, there should not or could not be some plots where the grass grows out of control while others are maintained. What happens when there are no surviving relatives left to pay for plot maintenance? Why would people who survive continue to pay when the whole cemetery is maintained regardless of people paying or not paying?

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I thought all graves came with perpetual care. I know that mine did.

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I know that in one city in Puerto Rico, they then dig out your body so they can reuse the plot. But I can’t remember the name of the city.

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Pretty sure that’s a function of the city, like the parks and even the golf course. When we had the shop The City was one of our customers. We’d bill specifically to various departments and the cemetery was one of those departments.

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Some historical societies take care of small, local family graveyards. I know my grandfather is in one in Arkansas. The cemetery isn’t on any map. I do worry about it.

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There are some cemetary associations tha care for the graves of all the people buried in them. The others get neglected unless someone steps up to care for them.

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@Dutchess_III Different cities are different. We do have some city cemeteries, but most are privately owned. @filmfann Family cemeteries and rural cemeteries are usually on their own. Churchyard cemeteries would probably be kept up by the church. Private cemeteries include in the price of their plots a fee for perpetual care.

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