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Is this a good exercise regime?

Asked by lookingglassx3 (2134points) April 16th, 2011

Long question ahead, sorry!! I’m a fifteen-year-old girl, going on sixteen. I’m five foot four, and I’m 9 stone, two pounds, or 128 pounds. My BMI is normal (22.0) and I’m a UK size 10, though I can sometimes fit into a size 8 both top and bottom. Is this really a healthy weight though, for someone my age/height? I want to tone up for a party that’s happening in three weeks for which I’ve bought a UK size 8 dress, so I’ve made an exercise regime, as well as cutting out snacks (I used to be a snackaholic). I do this last thing on a night, after I’ve eaten/drunk everything I need for the day. I take breaks when I feel tired. It usually takes an hour to do. This is based on exercises we do at school for aerobics; I don’t know all the official names of the different things, so sorry. D:

March on spot (usually for 1–2 minutes)
100 toe bounces (where you bend your knees and kind of sway/stretch to the left/right)
100 bum kicks (kind of intense jogging where you kick your bum;D)
100 leg-ups (where you lay on the floor and kick your leg up)
100 knee-ups (where you bring your knee to your elbow)
100 star jumps
Arm bounces (for around 2–3 minutes)
100 sit-ups
Jogging (for around 2–4 minutes)
100 star jumps
100 leg-ups
100 arm bounces
100 knee-ups
Jogging (around 2–4 minutes)
100 bum kicks
100 star jumps
Jogging (2–4 minutes)

But in your opinion, is this regime really effective? I seriously have no knowledge when it comes to sport/exercise, I just kind of made this regime up from total scratch. I’ve been doing this regime every day for a week now, and I’ve seen and felt a little bit of difference. I want to lose around 3 or 4 pounds, but mainly it’s just to tone up; weight doesn’t bother me that much. Will this regime help me tone up within 3 weeks?

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It sounds like your weight is fine and that regime will help you tone up. With exercise, it’s also important to do something you enjoy and can continue to do, so if that is working for you, do it. You could also look to do some swimming, jogging or walking for more aerobics.

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You could benefit your arms by adding pushup to your workouts. Also consider getting an exercise ball and following workouts suggested here to get a better workout of your core body muscles and legs. Those workout balls are very cheap but can be very effective.

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why don’t you try jumping rope.that will burn extra calories and help tone you up. trust me it works if you can jumprope for 20 minutes everyday.

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@emeraldisles thanks, that sounds easy enough, haha xD

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