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Mac OS X application that performs a specified action when a specified disk is connected?

Asked by The_Englishman (106points) April 21st, 2008

eg. When I connect my usb stick it runs an script to copy my work files over automatically.

I’m sure I saw this somewhere (might have been lifehacker but can’t say for certain), but can’t remember where or what the application was called and not even sure what to search for.

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hmm, maybe it’s an automator script? i’ll help look

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Yeah i’m thinking automator or possibly applescript. That would be a particularly handy one if someone made it. If someone figures it out, please post the info as I would be interested as well.

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@iwamoto: Cheers.

@gorillapaws: Yeah exactly. I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine it!

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I think Tri-Backup will do this for you. I’ve never used the program, but there is a demo and programmed actions for backups. One of the actions has a trigger for “when volumes are mounted”

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I don’t see a way in automator to trigger on mounting, so you could easily make one that copies those files over when you right click on nothing in the finder, but ideally you wouldn’t have to even do that. I’m guessing you’d need to create an applescript trigger for it or have to go the 3rd party route as simon suggested. I’m no expert though.

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@simon: thanks will give that a try.

@gorillapaws: thanks for looking at Automator. Will have a look into using applescript.

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From the top of my head I think launchd has the capability to invoke a script when a filesystem is mounted. Will check later and post back.

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