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Who is Someone's PC?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) April 16th, 2011

In Pokemon who is Someone’s PC? what is the story behind it?

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It is ‘Bills PC’ before you meet bill, I think.

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Yeah, you always meet whomever it is later on in the game. I don’t remember her name in Sapphire, but you’ll meet her shortly before you go into the mountain to get a meteor or something.. But they’re just a tech person; you’re average computer scientist/inventor/pokemon trainer type.

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In the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions of Pokeman, you are only allowed to carry 6 of the Pokemans you capture. The overflow are stored at Bills Computer. You are able to access this, in the game, and retrieve the ones you want. You can also trade your Pokemons with other people at Bill’s Computer.

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just for the record, “Pok√©mon” does not have a plural S.

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It depends on what version of the game you’re playing, also. Bill is the character for the first and second generations. It’s Lanette for the third generation and Bebe in the fourth. I’ve yet to play the fifth but from what I’m reading it’s Amanita.

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I did not know that someones PC was different in all the Pokemons games.

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@filmfann Haha, I had to do it.

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