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How many Unown are there in Pokemon really?

Asked by Sja4710 (4points) January 2nd, 2019

Are there only 28 Unown in Pokemon lore wise, with no repeats? I understand in the games you can catch multiple of the same Unown, but you can also own multiple of the same legendaries in the games. So are there technically 28 in the Pokemon universe? Also would that count them as legendaries if there are only the 28?

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I know nothing about Pokemon, so they are ALL unknown to me!!! I’ll ask one of my ADHD kids who knows everything there is to know about Pokemon & get back to you.

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Unknown aren’t legendaries, they’re considered as mythical thus their number (for each alphabetical representation) can be limitless. You can usually catch one species of legendary in the same game you’re playing, if you want multiple you’ll have to trade with friends or transfer from pokebank (restrictions/bugs applied).

In the movie it’s shown that there’s only one of each letter. You can find everything about Unknown in Bulbapedia.

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Wow, here is the weird thing; it is unknown how many unkown there are in Pokemon BUT there is exactly one raven known about in Poe k’man.

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Oh! I forgot about them guys!

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