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Why are irons so difficult to fill with water?

Asked by gorillapaws (30306points) April 21st, 2008

Can someone please tell my why my, and every other iron i’ve ever used, is SO difficult to fill with water. The hole is so tiny that you have to fill it at a ridiculously slow rate. Is there some reason they’re designed this way?

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Perhaps your name should be a clue.

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For me, the trick is to angle the iron, or pour the water in such that air can escape. But you are absolutely right… in this day and age, you’d think pouring water into a container for its designed and intended purpose would not be nearly so frustrating.

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@MrKnowItAll: LMAO. Yeah I’m a bit of a klutz for sure, but even if you factor in a margin of error for coordinationally-challenged people it’s still WAY more difficult than it needs to be.

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Just use a spray bottle filled with water. It’s a thousand times easier.

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Or a funnel and distilled water for iron. But, agree, spray bottle is the way (and I can use it to train my new cat, who is still a mystery and having severe separation anxiety.)

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I think it’s a conspiracy!!!

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Ya, the great iron conspiracy is to make all irons imperfect so everyone will remain hopeful about buying new ones, instead of just having something that works well and everyone getting on with their lives.

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LOL! Mine aren’t so bad….

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